Rice Calories Reduction – Cooked Rice With Low-calorie Food

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rice calories reduction healthier cooking

Rice calories – how to reduce the calories in cooked rice?

Scientists from Sri Lanka have found out a method by which you can reduce calories in rice. It is no wonder that this discovery on the island happened. The reason why the calories of rice represent such a fundamental issue, is that he represents the main dish there.

Cook the rice properly

rice calories Bowl food

The method

The method is very simple. You would have to cook the rice with a spoon of coconut oil. Then, he will remain in the finished State in the fridge for a day. If you so, the calorie count is reduced several times.

Prepare the rice but healthier

calories rice coconut oil recipe food cooking

The result of long experiments

Until scientists figured out how to reduce the rice calories , they have conducted several different experiments. You have included, including 40 different kinds of rice. You wanted to find out through the experiments as the resistant starch in this product can be increased. Ultimately, they have discovered that the best results come when the rice with a small amount of coconut oil is cooked.

The rice – a healthier recipe with coconut oil cooking

rice calories like reducing food cooking tips

Still times more accurate

We have briefly described the method by which you can reduce calories in rice. This will describes but still once more. The rice must be cooked 20 minutes. He would have to remain at 12 hours in the refrigerator.

An effective method to reduce the calories in rice

calories rice reduce tricks coconut oil

The Declaration

Here is the more detailed explanation why reducing the calories in this manner works better. The coconut oil goes through the pellets of the strength and changed their structure. You are not affected by the food enzymes in the human body in this State. Therefore, the recording is reduced. Remaining in the refrigerator plays a very important role. The strength comes from the pellets during the Gelation process. To form hydrogen formation, which lead to the generated resistance.

Enjoy a delicious meal with rice, which has low in calories

calories rice reduce coconut oil adding food preparation

Eat low-calorie rice

calories rice Rteduzieren rice with coconut cooking oil

You to eat rice like?

rice calories like Redizieren coconut oil

Rice is the main dish in Sri Lanka

calories rice technology cooking coconut oil recipe

With rice to cook various dishes

rice calories cooking ideas

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