Rice With Vegetables – Great Ideas And Tasty Tips

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Rices with vegetable rice varieties

The best rice dishes with vegetables for tonight

Each housewife has the not easy task to prepare something pleasant, tasty and healthy for your family for dinner every day.

The question troubling “What’s this evening” they again and again on the new. We have rice almost always at home. It’s also a very good choice, both for the meat-eaters and vegetarians. Any rice dish is also easy and healthy.

So, if you come up with for today evening quickly some must leave, this is always a very good idea. Now it comes to the additional products. Here are our top ideas, from where you easily can choose something.

As well as the Indians

Wouldn’t the Indians eat again great rice dishes of vegetarian style. What they do to make this again good taste, is that they very carefully select the spices that add are. A very good combination, which you can try out tonight is with mushrooms and turmeric.

Risotto with mushrooms-Indian style

rice dishes with vegetables mushrooms turmeric

Basmati rice on Palm leaf

Rices with vegetable palm leaf

But the usual court times differently, or…

You can reach the variety also only that you always replace the kind of rice in your favorite recipe. Thus, you can cook a great recipe each week on the new. But it is always a bit different and the benefits for you are purely harmless.

Rice with eggs

Don’t throw away the old rice dishes from the lunch or the day before. Because these could constitute another super tasty and healthy meal with one or two eggs in the pan.

Vegetarian rice Asian style with eggs

Rices with vegetable eggs peas carrots

Rice salads

Do you love pasta salads so much so that it slowly is noticed on the scale? You can enjoy the same flavor combinations with rice. In most cases, this is much healthier. Take the Exchange regularly off of the satellite maker, so the pasta or rice with potatoes or other grain dishes. Salad is a classic version, you should always take into consideration just with bread.

Fresh corn salad with red berries

Rices with vegetable salad berries

Vine leaves with rice

You have probably ever seen these at the diner with the Oriental, Greek or even Balkan food. They are also easy to make at home. Every time, you can take the recipe from a different country including the spices. So you have an original recipe again and again.

Stuffed vine leaves with lemon

Rices with vegetable vine leaves

Classic Italian rice dishes with vegetables

When there is talk of Italian rice dishes with vegetables, we mean of course first and foremost risotto. Here, you can serve ideas endlessly from the treasure chest of Italian cuisine. Asparagus, Arugula, sundried tomatoes with olive oil, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, Zucchini and even white wine are just a few of the things which immediately invade us. Our special tip for the winter time at the Italian rice dishes with vegetables is the combination with spinach. Good stocks to help again and again in this case.

Rice balls with sesame seeds

rice dishes with vegetables broccoli Sesame

Important tip – you drink fluids before enjoying the rice dishes with meat, so that you avoid stomach distress. For this, a delicious wine in measured quantities could very well promote digestion.

Stuffed peppers vegetarian

Rices with vegetable stuffed peppers

Deep fried rice balls with Parmesan

Rices with vegetable-filled rice balls

Risotto with peas, potatoes and carrots

rice dishes with vegetables green beans carrots

Rice with lentils

Rices with vegetable lentils

Risotto with steamed vegetables

Rices with vegetable lentils stewed vegetarian

Rice with carrots and parsley

Rices with vegetable carrot parsley

Mixed rice with nuts and raisins

rice dishes with vegetables nuts raisins

Boiled rice with parsley

Rices with vegetable parsley

Risotto with green onions and sesame seeds

Rices with vegetable risotto scallions

Rice with pumpkin and thyme

Rices with vegetable risotto pumpkin

Risotto with carrots and broccoli chopped small

Rices with vegetable risotto vegetarian

Sweet rice with raisins and pepper

rice dishes with vegetables raisins parsley

Tofu rice

Rices with vegetable tofu

Fresh vegetables on rice

rice dishes with vegetables vegetarian

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