Rock Crystal Effect And Range Of The Pure Quartz

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gems mountain crystal effect crystals

Rock crystal – benefits and usage

So simple and at the same time so extraordinary. How you can describe the rock crystal. It’s the most famous form of Crystal in the world. This is absolutely understandable by its beauty.

Crystals – a gift of mother earth

gems mountain crystal effect use jewelry

Called Quartz or rock crystal

gems mountain crystal meaning mountain crystals

In the metafilmischen world of rock crystal as a gift of mother earth is considered to us. The ancient people have believed that this lives. It was convinced that the rock crystal inhales every hundred years. He was regarded as the incarnation of the divine.

Pure quartz

Natzrsteine mountain crystal usage gems

But actually, what represents the rock crystal? The rock crystal represents pure, pure quartz. It often has a milk base.

What are mountain crystals needed?

mountain crystal gemstones jewelry usage

Benefits and seed breeding areas of quartz crystal

The Quartz is very highly valued due to its piezoelectric and Pyroelectric properties. You can get these for the creation of mechanical pressure or for the production of electromagnetic force to use. The rock crystal can multiply times the energy, save and convert.

The properties of the quartz crystal

gems mountain crystal effect meaning mountain crystals

That’s why he is used in ultrasound equipment, watches, microphones and radio stations.

The recording and Tranformartionseigenschaften are used in many spiritual practices and meditation. As accessory and souvenirs of the rock crystal is logically also used.

As ornaments at home

gems mountain crystal effect House decoration

The physical power of the quartz crystal

Proven, the quartz has a strong physical healing power. This promoted the circulation and the immune system. Headaches and dizziness are also heavily influenced by the rock crystal. Infections and other acute conditions are also positively affected by the ability of quartz crystal, rendering the toxins from the body.

The healing power of the Quartz

gems mountain crystal meaning action force

Emotional healing through the rock crystal

It is believed that rock crystal helps much further in meditations, to improve the connection between the physical body and its energetic equivalent. As a result, you reach more harmony and balance. Still it this creates, to think clearer and more structured.

Harmony and balance

gems mountain crystal effect home décor Succulents

Often, the mountain stone during meditation is placed on the third eye. Lack of concentration will be healed. It “flushes” also easily the mind of unnecessary thoughts.

Meditation and healing techniques

gems mountain crystal effect House decoration wind chime

Rock crystal – expression of individuality

Among others, the rock crystal is also so popular because he is so individual. Despite the six-sided shape, actually every copy is unique. Just like the people. If you use the Crystal so as accessory or object with special meaning, then you have something absolutely unique. You have a quartz crystal, which unlike any other in the world. In antiquity, one probably has noticed exactly. Therefore not surprising that it has credited divine properties.

Rock crystal as accessory

gems mountain crystal effect chain necklace

The power of colors and the rock crystal

The color scale is particularly rich in the rock crystal. He is a symbol for all the power of light. White contains all other colors and therefore represents the light in its perfect form. You have long understood the brilliance of crystals as a blessing for the people.

Symbol for the power of light

gems mountain crystal effect use ornaments FIR

At the end of

In conclusion it can be said that the mountain stone, one of the most appreciated in the world is the crystals. This is true for the fashionable and purely physical aspects, as well as for the metaphysical applications.

gems mountain crystal meaning and effect

Jewelry and accessories made of quartz

gems mountain crystal effect chain pendant

Leather necklace with quartz pendant

gems mountain crystal effect leather pendant


gems mountain crystal effect earrings

Elegant and stylish, with beads

gems mountain crystal effect earrings design SarahHickeyJewellery

Rock crystal earrings themselves make it easy and original-

gems mountain crystal effect jewellery ideas

Engagement ring made of quartz

gems mountain crystal effect ring jewelry ideas

Quartz bracelet

gems mountain crystal effect jewellery bracelet

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