Rubber Bracelets As Aid And Assistance In Crisis

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The rubber bracelets to help a life crisis

Lately it super became popular, that people buy rubber wristbands, through which they realize good ideas and intentions. We want to prove that in the following overview.

That is a creative way to send a message

rubber bracelets with colorful message


The rubber bracelets of this type are yellow. The income from the purchase of these bands enter the Foundation of Lance Armstrong, the multiple winner of the tour de France. This financial support, the fight against cancer is scientific research in this area promoted and this first and foremost. What perhaps is still interesting to know in this context, the company also takes Nike part.

The yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet

Rubber bracelets with Embassy gel Lance Armstrong resized

Celebrate Ribbon

Celebrate Ribbon is purple. You buying one so, if a relative has died of cancer.

Celebrate lilac

rubber wristbands with a message against cancer purple

Pink is the bracelet against breast cancer

rubber bracelets with Embassy pink

Bracelets against AIDS

The Red bracelets are a symbol of the fight against AIDS. The income from the sale of these go for the financing of research that deal with this topic.

Red stands for the fight against AIDS

rubber bracelets assorted colors against AIDS

Orange rubber bracelets

Also the Orange rubber braceletsare very popular. Thus it says: “I support morally all people who try to quit smoking.”

Do you have friends who want to quit smoking?

rubber bracelets Batman bracelet orange

Then you support them with a rubber strap Orange

rubber bracelets Orange round with trailer

For a smoke-free world

rubber wristbands with a message or without orange

Black and white bracelets

Also the rubber bracelets, which are colored in black and white is super up-to-date. They stand for the fight against racism. Such wear the most colorful soccer players in Italy and England. As an example, one can Thierry Henry type.

Stand up – up Spaek bracelets against racism

Rubber Bracelet black white against racism

Show tolerance!

rubber bracelets assorted colors black white

Other rubber bracelets

There are many global and local initiatives, which you could support with the rubber wristbands. Pink is for breast cancer and the blue used on BBC 1 as a mark of protest against commercials with violence. The latter but are no longer on the market.

Rubber bracelets as support

rubber wristbands with a message different colors

Is it fashion or make such campaigns a sense?

The marketing permeates all areas of life. But that’s not necessarily bad. If the operator of a campaign really consciously and conscience fully deal with the resources, which are collected through such initiatives, it may be not bad, or?

Bracelet for Germany

rubber bracelets assorted colors never give up

Actually, it is to us, whether or not the good ideas are preserved. Be critical, check the declarations, which are given for the use of your money. Can rely on your feeling.

Free Hugs – free hugs for everyone

rubber bracelets of free hugs black blue

Check critical also your own motivation. Have you opted for a rubber bracelet, because you believe in the idea, or because it is fashionable?

Funny messages

rubber bracelets Batman black bracelet

Current Gummiarbänder for all Barcelona fans

rubber bracelets Soccer Club Barcelona

Accessories for a Bachelor Party

rubber bracelets wedding bride and team

Bracelets for Halloween

rubber wristbands with a message or without stained

Green stands for an eco-friendly life

rubber bracelets with or without green message

Do you have a favorite brand?

rubber bracelets in different colors Coca Cola

Also with trailerrubber wristbands black round pendant

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