Safe Tips For Whiter Teeth With Little Effort

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whiter teeth get banana peel

Get whiter teeth without any harm

The natural color of tooth enamel can vary considerably. She can be white, but also yellow, Brown and even slightly bluish in some people. Everything here is very unique, as it is with all other aspects of the human organism.

Therefore, one can clearly say the belief that healthy teeth are always white, was surely a clichéd. Actually it’s an aesthetic preference. She has a long history and is associated with many prejudices. But let us not philosophise and speculate Herum. The fact is that the white teeth are a symbol of high standards. Many people want to have teeth so white and we want to discourage those circumstances also you definitely white teeth. Rather we would like to announce some methods by which you get good white teeth and still stay healthy.

It is never too early for matching dental care

whiter teeth get dental floss use

At this point, it should be also noted that no matter what color you are, it becomes darker with time. So it is worth it to do something for the clarification of the Zahnemailles.

Avoid the conditions

First, let us look at the causes. Because you could do quite a lot, so that you can get too dark shade. Smokers of this risk are very vulnerable in the first place. Coke and tobacco drop over time, leaving strong stains and pigments.

Before and after

whiter teeth brightening natural resources

Coffee, black tea, and Cola together comprise the group which is second only to name a few. Their pigments come in the micro pores and stains are formed here. Regular use can the teeth look pretty Brown.

If you want whiter teeth, this is also a reason to eat less candy. About the sweet and enjoy not only the senses, but also all kinds of bacteria. These are waiting impatiently in the oral cavity.

Avoid sugary and fat-rich food

whiter teeth getting candy avoid

The age

No matter how healthy and well you feed, diluted the tooth enamel anyway over time. You can move this to the time, but cannot be avoided.

The solutions in the clinics

The good thing about this version is that you get a diagnosis. This one would have to by the way so or so companies. If the blackout on shelves is the result, then you can get whiter teeth through various methods. This will take about a year. Then you must repeat all.

However, if a dilution of the Zahnemailles to determine is when you, then this is more harmful. Then a solution is recommended most in the clinic, which is connected with facets. This variant is of long duration and is therefore preferred by many people. The procedure is clearly better expensive, but what’s the health.

Please smile!

whiter teeth get clean care

Natural remedy

However, there are remedies that can help many people under domestic conditions to wonderful results. Many are also not really harmful. You must remain pretty stubborn and to be somewhat patient.

The specialized toothpastes are not entirely sure this category. You get really great results against stains. But they damage the teeth and may be used under no circumstances in the long run.

Provide a valuable and balanced diet

whiter teeth getting healthy eating

Kaolin, also called China clay is known, much could also contribute. Make a powder it and apply with a toothbrush and a little water it on the teeth. Even, you can replace the brushing it once a day.

The lemon is also a natural means for white teeth. This fruit is absolutely not harmful. It has lots of vitamins and other great materials. They significantly improve the oral hygiene. You can rub the teeth with the inside of the bark. Only the juice can help, because it can resolve many of the spots there included acidity.

Often eat lemons

whiter teeth get lemons food bowls

More about prevention

Let us conclude with some final notes about prevention. These tips to prevent faster coloring, they can also help you to get consistently white teeth. Smoking is one of the things you should just leave. You have to decide. Also, you should reduce the drinking of coffee and black tea or avoid. Try it with green tea!

You would have to drink carbonated drinks only with straw. The effect is so severely by CO2.

Also, you should nibble dry apples and carrots. The more, the better.

After the candy should be immediately rinse the mouth.

Do prefer the modern electric toothbrushes

whiter teeth getting electric toothbrush

Strawberries are also highly recommended

whiter teeth getting fresh fruit strawberries

Freshly squeezed Apple Juice is the ideal tooth cleaner

whiter teeth get fresh pressed Apple Juice

Rub the inside of the banana on your teeth

whiter teeth get banana peel

Keep the perfect smile always in mind and seek

whiter teeth getting dental care

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