Sandalwood Oil And Its Calming Effect

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sandalwood oil aromatherapy relaxation techniques

Sandalwood oil and its probably not so well known properties

The Sandalwood is an evergreen tree of the parasite. It has the peculiarity that its roots penetrate those of other plants. It reaches a height of up to 9 meters and has a Brown grey bar. The branches are smooth and very thin. The leaves are very hard to tear apart. The tree at an age of 30 to 60 years reached its maturity.

Sandalwood sticks

sandalwood oil stick scents aromatherapy

The Sandalwood in Sri Lanka, in Hawaii in South India and in many parts of the coast of the Pacific Ocean is common. It is more than 4,000 years in consumption. Many temples in Asia were created from this wood. This time dates the use of sandalwood oil. It has been used very much in the rituals for the embalming.

Sandalwood scented candle

sandalwood oil scented candle aromatherapy relaxation techniques

Furniture made from sandalwood.

Different types of sandalwood and oil

There is a tree which is native to Western Australia. Sandalwood oil, which is used as a substitute for this from India gains from it.

There is also the East India way. This sandal can be found in the mountain regions of South India. This one draws the most valuable variation of sandalwood oil.

Valuable sandalwood oil

sandalwood oil itself making aromatherapy relaxation relaxation techniques

There is also the African sandalwood. Also that it won oil is highly appreciated.

Oil sandalwood can win from an American tree. However, this has the least valuable properties.


The valuable ingredients of the Sandalwood are the essential oils, resins, pigments.

Aromatherapy with sandalwood oil sandalwood oil itself making aromatherapy relaxation


A mature tree is used for the extraction of sandalwood oil. Works by steam distillation. The tree must be over 60 years old.

The greater the tree, he is the richer of oils, and these are in turn more aromatic. Sandalwood extract in the form of pasta or oil will be used also in cosmetics. The range of products is very large. But everyone knows also the soothing aromatic sticks or?

The aromatic sticks have a calming effect

sandalwood oil aroma therapy and relaxation techniques

The beneficial effects of the oil and the other Sandelholprodukten

The antiseptic effect of the Sandalwood oil is very strong. It can be used as a disinfectant. The effect is also soothing, toning, Hypo-intense and can be useful for the removal of secretions. It can help much further with diseased gums.

Stains and scars with sandalwood oil cover

beautiful skin aromatherapy oil sandalwood

With sandalwood oil you can calm the skin wonderfully also. You can so beautifully obscure spots and scars. This practice shows great results for centuries in eastern medicine.

Beneficial effects

sandalwood oil SOAP yourself making aromatherapy

Oil and sandalwood SOAP

sandalwood oil SOAP yourself making aromatherapy relaxation techniques

It keeps the Sandalwood oil for one of the best natural remedy, which contribute to the relaxation. You can calm down so that the muscles and intestines. Thus you can remove gases well. Anti inflammation effect it has on the whole mangosteen intestinal system.

Can relax!

sandalwood oil SOAP yourself making aromatherapy of Spa

You can keep various insects and microbes by the aroma of sandalwood. Therefore it works even when the agents by colds and flu in winter. Drops of sandalwood can be taken by people who have high blood pressure. It helps with anxiety, nervousness and stress. Through concentration, to install so very nice idea.

Sandalwood oil is a very helpful tool for our daily lives.

Essential oil for a contemplative relaxation sandalwood oil itself making aromatherapy Lavender

Cinnamon sticks and Star anise fruits

sandalwood oil aromatherapy star anise cinnamon sandalwoodsandalwood oil aromatherapy cinnamon sticks

Sandalwood as powder

sandalwood oil powder aromatherapy

The powder can be also red

sandalwood oil red powder aromatherapy

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