Scarf Tying Made Easy – Simple Scarf Tying Techniques

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The art of scarf binding

Scarf tying WINS much importance in the winter. If we really good master this skill, then we will be at the same time capable of, to protect us from the cold and also trendy look. Here, everyone – knows if one has one scarf then you have an accessory that never goes out of fashion.

Scarf tie – how to…

scarf tying elegant business wear ladies stripe pattern dots pattern

Scarf tie, if you hurry

We start with some methods to scarf tie, which you can use in an emergency. We think these situations in which you quickly need to do anything super.

Simple scarf tying techniques

scarf tying techniques cloth binding

The first to do around just a loop around your neck, so that two equal length sides fall forward over your shoulder. Then simply drag the middle part up front. In the second method, you even waive the loop. Drop scarf just the from the rear forward over your shoulders. Her neck remains free.

The scarf and its role in the wardrobe of business woman

scarf tying elegant shirt business fashion ladies

If you correctly a long scarf tie want to and that too not all long drop, then you bind these two or even three times over at your neck. Make a loop at the end and hide the node below the draping.

You could reduce the cloth binding also just that you drop one end towards the front and the other – to the rear.

Elegant and super easy

scarf tying elegant business fashion ladies white shirt

Mimic a tie

scarf tying elegant business wear ladies

If you want to fold the scarf so that it becomes twice as short. Then you wrap it around your neck around and pull one end through the loop formed on one side.

As the loop bound

scarf tying elegant loop business fashion ladies

Designed ways to tie your scarf

You bind to scarf a, which has different patterns and shades on both sides? If Yes, then wrap it around your neck around with one side upwards. Then rotate the pieces, the sides fall over the shoulders forward.

Creative binding techniques

scarf tying techniques

Scarf tying can also strongly protect your neck. You stay wrapping the scarf around your neck around, very briefly to the two side ends. Then make two or three loops one after the other and hide them down.

binding black white scarf elegant on the doll makers

scarf tying cloth binding elegant makers doll

Now drop scarf freely on both sides your over your shoulders. Make one or two nodes (depending on how tight you want to have that) at the lower ends. Once again, wrap the resulting loop around your neck around and drop front free.

10 scarf tying techniques

Bunny ear

scarf tying techniques Bunny ear knot

scarf tying elegant on the doll makers

Braided scarf and then bind

scarf tying elegant braid on the doll makers

Two pink scarves together weave and tie

scarf tying techniques pink shawl

Combination of 2 matching scarves

scarf tying techniques cloth binding ideasscarf tying techniques cloth binding ideas purple pink

Knitting scarf tie

knit scarf scarf tying elegant loop knitting fashion

Now, how can you look but quite noble through cloth binding?

You can also a quite sheer and official publication by the scarf or cloth binding reach. If you have a thin, fine fabric, then let them broadly across the entire back, shoulders and arms covered. This idea is great to combine with great black evening dress.

Tie cloth

cloth binding Blau Weiß Strip

You could also rotate, while you wrap the scarf, this in itself. This rolled form is also super classy and can be combined with the exciting night vision super.

So be self-confidence fromshine

cloth binding pattern fabric self awareness stream

There is still a “quick” way to scarf tie, which is very impressive and elegant. Wrap around scarf entirely normal several times the around the neck until the ends are quite short. Wrap one side, then up to the end. The others then spread from the cut-out and attach only to a place on the neck.

Two scarves tie

cloth binding blue yellow scarf tying

You can combine head scarf and braided hairstyles

cloth binding black white stripe pigtail

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