Search Contactors Matching Star Sign – Precious Stones For The Zodiac Sign

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Sagittarius zodiac sign – precious stones for the zodiac sign of Sagittarius

In a sense, representatives of the star sign Sagittarius have a direct and open character. They are strong and reasonable, and show up ready to see the injustice in the face and to fight against them. The shooter masters all major challenges in life, but he is in a sense absolutely helpless against the small everyday intrigues.

Sagittarius zodiac sign – are you curious what gems for this zodiac sign fit?

zodiac sign Sagittarius matching stone tips

Sagittarius zodiac sign – Red Ruby

Sagittarius Zodiac passede stone Ruby Red

The people who are born in the first decade of this sign of the Zodiac, are direct and honest. Especially in love. In life, they are guided by their passion. Conscious and sub-conscious are closely connected with them. You have great creative talents. Their success has many ups and downs. For them, the gems are garnet, purple amethyst and turquoise to recommend.

Garnet is suitable also for this zodiac sign

zodiac sign Sagittarius Garnet first decade

Purple amethyst for the first decade

Sagittarius zodiac sign purple amethyst first decade

Turquoise gemstone

zodiac sign Sagittarius turquoise first decade

The people from the second decade of the star sign of Sagittarius are looking and very energetic. You have an open character, prone to scientific activity, are great romantics. Protect from this decade are very brave.

People from the second decade of are strongly attracted by the policy, but at the same time, they have not the necessary properties to deal with at all. They are very quickly inspired by projects, which then not can bring it to an end.

These shooters must wear gemstones in red, blue and violet. You can thereby remain sustainable in their efforts. These gems will make less noticeable downsides of their character. Are highly recommended Rubin, chalcedony, as well as the Amethyst in dark purple.

The representatives of the second decade may prefer Ruby as a gemstone

zodiac sign Sagittarius Rubin second decade

Chalcedony is suitable also for them

zodiac sign Sagittarius chalcedony second decade

Also Amethyst in deep purple affects these shooters are good

Sagittarius zodiac sign Amethyst deep purple

Those born in the third decade in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius are very contradictory personalities. On the one hand, they are almost despotic in their pursuit of power, and on the other, they can be very generous. They show a predictable rationality, can get but sometimes real rage seizures.

The shooters from the third decade have a sharp sense. You can outwit other people and have a strategic talent. You need gems in red-green color. They will inspire you and get to realise better himself in life.

Select a matching gem, if you are from the third decade

zodiac sign Sagittarius lazurit third dekad

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