Shelving Systems And Hot Living Trends 2018 At Ikea

When you are dealing with the basic shape rectangle, you quickly discover that you can build many practical and space-saving shelving systems with it. The form alone theoretically allows an optimal use of space in every three dimensions known to us.

The practical side of this one form defines the emerging residential trends for the year 2018. From the modular principle, so many furniture manufacturers and room designers are convinced that today we can be wonderfully trendy, without really having to spend a lot of money.

Shelving systems living room divider ikea

Today, we would like to present both the trendy residential trends 2018, as well as the possibilities to purchase them favorably.

Quickly find what you’re looking for is great

Shelving systems living room wall cabinet office wall shelf

Wohntrend 2018 -modular furniture

Thinking in modules and subjects may be perceived as restrictive by some. A connection with the drawer way of thinking can perhaps be seen as negative at first glance, as long as it is not about space design. Because of your subjects, drawers and boxes, your living space can only benefit.

Straight line can mean much more than restricted

Shelf systems 70s

If you are honest, the modular furniture offers much more than just a practical and clear order. Building kits can be rebuilt and changed as often as you like, while maintaining a good overview and the dreamy order.

The modular shelving systems create order, even if none appears as possible

Shelf systems

The shelving systems can often be purchased as a finished concept, assembled by themselves, or when it fits into the home style, creatively complement each other. If you have conventional rooms in a new apartment, your design would be simplified, but would not appear to be challenging. An attic apartment, on the other hand, or even a charming old apartment, requires much precision and individual spatial planning.

Aesthetically speaking, shelf systems are enriching for every interior

Shelving systems wall shelf corner shelf

You gain space and create a fantastic overview

Shelving systems bookshelf

The functional and practical features of the practical furniture with modular furniture. This means that you should be aware of your needs.

Elegant furniture can often be turned over and turned right

Shelvesysteme raumtrenner

Trendy denim drifting in the background is quite trendy

Shelving systems kitchen
Shelving systems space saving furniture

Shelving systems by Ikea-Wohntrends from the brandnew catalog

Without wanting to advertise for the well-known Swedish company, the so-called”Wohntrend”is right there at the best price. Whether it is to optimize the bedroom, children’s room or living room, it is no secret where you can get the modules cheaply and in the desired color. Besides the well-known brands such as Expedit, Kallax and Besta, you can also get fantastic results with the series Eket achieve.

Transparent and arbitrarily convertible

Shelving systems wire nursery
Shelving systems wall shelf

You can never have enough space in the kitchen

Shelving systems

There is news for the homeworkers and even better storage options in every living area.

If your apartment needs a trendy refreshment, access the modular furniture and discover order, chic and overview in one!

Modular furniture is primarily very flexible

Shelving systems book shelves

The good overview allows you to do the unnecessary right away

Shelf systems wire

Special wishes should already be fulfilled by a carpenter or an interior architect

Regalsysteme merz
Regalsysteme wohntrend 2018

Practical shelving systems can also be found in the construction market

Shelving systems metal shelves

The floating look is always original

Shelving systems bedroom

The design starts with several designs

Sheltersysteme wohntrends 2017
Shelving systems living room workroom

Reduction, minimal effort and a lot of space – this is the”Wohntrend 2018″

Shelf systems living room kitchen hang up
Shelving systems living room wall shelving system

Practical and comfortable – both can be found at Ikea

Shelving systems living room kitchen ideas shelves expedit
Shelf systems living room kitchen

A kitchen should be converted as needed

Shelving systems living room mini

Everything has its place

Shelving systems living room kitchen ideas shelves
Shelving systems living room kitchen ideas
Shelving systems kueche
Shelf systems living room kitchen

The good order in the apartment creates the order in the head

Shelving systems living room kitchens
Shelving systems living room room divider flooring
Shelf systems living room room divider flooring large
Shelving systems living room divider ikea

Ever becoming more popular and more convenient is the work from home

Shelving systems living room system
Shelving systems living room wardrobe office
Shelves living room wardrobe workplace

If you do well with the drill, the shelves are suspended within minutes

Shelving systems living room 80s

The living quarters in 2018 animate one to clean up his life

Shelving systems living room
Shelving systems living room living room
Shelving systems living room mini
Shelving systems living room partition ikea wall

Modular furniture and colors create unique spatial compositions

Shelving systems living room trends 2018
Shelving systems living room stairs
Shelving systems living room wall shelf
Shelving systems living room wardrobe workplace colorful
Shelving systems living room wall unit EKET

The modular principle is applicable in many areas

Shelves living room wardrobe wardrobe

Order and overview are also needed in the laundry room

Shelves living room washroom
Shelves living room wardrobe

To make order in the children’s room

Shelving systems living room

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