Simple Cake – Easy Recipe For A Streusel Pie With Apricots

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simple cake streusel cake fruit fruit apricots

Simple cake – prepare a first-class delicacy

Here comes our next classics from the pie series – the streusel pie with apricots. A simple cake that will convince you with its fruitiness, crisp texture and relatively fast preparation. The streusel cake is actually a flat sheet cake, which consists of fine yeast dough has a covering of sprinkles. The streusel itself consist of fat, flour and sugar. Often fresh fruit or jam as a filling. On request, the streusel can contain also cocoa and provide a pleasant, chocolatey color hence the pastries. It is believed that the streusel cake from Silesia comes. It is quite safe but that in the 19th century it was baked not only in Silesia, but also in the regions in the area. Very often used butter as the fat and then speaking of butter sprinkles and butter streusel cake. The German emigrants diffused the streusel cake in the United States, where he is eaten today very much like and is popular as a crumb cake .

Fresh summer enjoyment

simple cake streusel cake apricot summer

Today, we have chosen a very easy recipe for easy streusel pie with apricots for you. You can use it as a base for all kinds of streusel cake. Just take the fruits of the season or fruit jam of your choice instead of apricots and here we go.

Ingredients for 12 pieces:

200 g butter
250 g flour
150 g ground almonds
250 g + 2 EL sugar
1 pinch of salt

750 g fresh or 2 cans (Abtr.gew.: 250 g) apricots

Mint – leaves to decorate
Grease for the form

Healthy, delicious and easy

simple cake streusel cake summer cake fruit apricots

How is it done:

Preheat the oven (electric cooker: 200 ° C / air: 175 ° C / gas: level 3) before. Melt the butter and let them something cool. Then, mix the flour, almonds, salt and 250 g of sugar in a bowl. Then fold in the butter with the dough hook on your mixer. Knead about to crumble. Grease a springform Pan (26 cm diameter).

Type 2/3 of the caked on the bottom of the Tin and press it to a flat surface. Refrigerate. If you use fresh apricots, then wash, halve and pit them. If you take canned apricots, then let them drain. Then distribute the apricots on the bottom of the dough and give the remaining streusel over. Sprinkle the cake with 2 tablespoons sugar. Bake on the lower rail approx. 25-35 minutes. Let then cool the cake on a wire rack. Then unscrew it from the springform pan and decorate with mint leaves. Good appetite!

Stone the apricots and cut in half

simple cake streusel cake apricot stoning

Mix the ingredients and knead to stray donkeys

simple cake streusel cake mixing apricots

You can use also a baking tray instead of springform Pan

simple cake streusel cake sheet dough baking

A magnificent result

simple cake streusel cake frog apricots powdered sugar

Invite your friends to the Käffchen!

simple cake streusel cake fresh apricots

Put the finished cake on an elegant cake stand

simple cake streusel cake summer apricots

A part of the streusel mix with cocoa and a heart shape

simple cake streusel cake heart cocoa apricots

Streusel cake with blueberries and powdered sugar

simple cake streusel cake blueberries

American streusel cake with red cranberries

simple cake streusel cakes of cranberries red

Summer crumble cake with fresh strawberries or Strawberry Jam

simple cake streusel cake strawberries fresh

Bake a crisp cherry pie

simple cake streusel pie cherries

Rhubarb Haselnus yeast cake

simple cake streusel cake rhubarb hazelnut

Lemon freshness and sugar sprinkles

simple cake streusel cake lemon

Autumn-winter streusel cake with apples and almonds

simple cake streusel cake almond Apple

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