Simple Meals Cooking And Low-fat In Use

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simple meals cooking healthy food

So you can cook simple dishes that taste super good

Many artists it’s mainly on the little things. Everyone has his own special technique or some tricks which one could establish. Most of the time they are but how properly kept great treasures and it betrays them to anyone.

But today, we have collected some of which are known for the one or the other reason of the general public.

Easy and tasty low-fat dishes prepared

simple meals cooking spinach Arugula Salad with olive oil

Tricks for using FAT

There are so many different types of fat that it is sometimes difficult to estimate, which we will need for a special dish. Certainly, it is advantageous to have all this and to be able to use their health and practical benefits. But so that it runs effectively, our desire must not fail on any bad experience.

Cooking with butter

simple meals cooking fat butter

Today we want to tell you how you can cook simple dishes, which he would – fix with the usual types of fatty oil, olive oil and butter. Let’s start with the sunflower oil. Called how harmful it is, and how one should consume only a little of it everywhere, but this is an exaggeration and simply is not true.

Cook low-fat

simple meals cooking sunflower oil and olive oil mix

Mix sunflower oil with olive oil

In the preparation of many common dishes such as pizza, for example, you achieve unique results, if you mix olive oil and sunflower oil. The taste is still great, if we all garnished with coarsely ground salt.

Mix olive oil and sunflower oil – it is also

simple meals cooking with sunflower oil and olive oil

Get the ingredients more

You can get a range of fresh products longer if you used a little butter. In addition, it contributes to significantly improve the taste. Try it with chives.

Fresh vegetables in the refrigerator

simple meals cooking with fresh vegetables

matching …und herbs and chives

simple meals cooking with chives

…und  Parsley

simple meals cooking with chives parsley lemon

The most delicious dumplings

If we are ever in the butter, then can you give us some tips in this regard. You can prepare the most delicious dumplings by mixing the oil for frying in a little butter. To all 100 grams of oil, you could add butter to about 30 grams. This is but one example of how you can cook simple dishes, and make them tasty with a little trick.

Prepare tasty Pierogi

simple meals cooking tasty Pierogi prepare

On occasion, you fry with butter

simple meals cooking cakes with low fat cooking

Pierogi with cheese and ham for breakfast

simple meals cooking delicious perogies with ham and cheese

Tortillas taste really good!

simple meals cooking delicious tortillas prepare

The raisins in the cake

Do you like raisins? Also like to prepare raisin cake? Melt a little butter in a bowl, dip the raisins in it and you will solve this problem. The raisins will remain there exactly when baking, as you wish.

Recipes with raisins

simple meals cooking with raisins

Garlic in olive oil

Here is another tip, how to cook a simple meal and then give this one more taste. Diving somewhat garlic in the olive oil bottle. On the one hand, the liquid will have more flavor. On the other side of the last is kept longer. You give a unique taste a simple soup or a simple salad.

Olive oil with garlic and other spices

simple meals cooking olive oil with garlic and spices

Salad dressing with Olive oil

simple meals cooking Avokadosalat with olive oil

Brusketi with tomatoes and basil, seasoned with olive oil

simple meals cooking Brusketi

Give all spices in Blender

simple meals cooking butter with spices

Spinach with vegetables in a frying pan

simple meals cooking frying pan

Pancake with vegetablessimple meals cooking healthy food with little fat

Delicious fish fillet

simple meals cooking salmon fillet with little fat

Chicken Roast with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

simple meals cooking chicken tomatoes mushrooms

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