Simple Raclette Recipes For A Peaceful Cooperation Food

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raclette recipes cheese potato

Discover new raclette recipes

The late summer is here again and we hope soon to a golden October. Recipes that you can prepare with delicious side dishes now comes the time for tasty raclette. This popular cheese speciality in this country is pleased about a lot of popularity and enjoyed the cold season often. Much like the fondue, raclette favoured food in good company. You can take more time and very comfortable and relaxed enjoying the fragrant, molten cheese. It slowly melts in your mouth and can be a so distinctive taste that reminds of green meadows and high mountains. Yes, this wonderful culinary delicacy that comes from the Switzerland, has long tradition. Raclette was nutritious food for the Alpine shepherds in the middle ages and was very often prepared in the monasteries of the monks.

Heavenly treat to enjoy

raclette recipes pans baked potato

Usually, side dishes like sour cucumbers, boiled potatoes, pickled onions, mustard fruits and sausages to be sent. Nowadays there are many raclette cheeses on the market with garlic, chili, pepper or goat milk, for example

Grilling healthy side dishes

raclette recipes cheese salami vegetables

Great raclette ovens for preparing raclette were used. Today is preferred above all a small table stove, consisting of Grill plate and lower plate. To put it the raclette pans and waits until the cheese melts and is beautifully brownish. You can already put the side dishes, and together with the melted cheese. It depends on individual taste.

Here we introduce recipe a tasty, simple raclette, that all time is ready for the end of summer to try out.

Late summer speciality raclette

raclette recipes steak cowardly mushrooms


For the dip:

300 g crème fraîche or sour cream
1/2 cucumber
1 red pepper
80 g mayonnaise
2 TBSP red trout caviar
Few drops of lemon juice
1 tsp Dijon mustard
Salt and pepper
fresh thyme leaves

Prepare juicy skewers of meat and vegetables

raclette recipes side dishes Grill melted cheese

For raclette:

300 g of raclette cheese
300 g of sweet potato
200 g fillet of veal
200 g fillet of lamb
200 g fillet of catfish
100 g mushrooms
8 fresh, ripe figs
1 papaya
2 tsp lemon juice
Flower and pink pepper

A delicious alternative for vegetarians

raclette recipes vegetarian potato

How is it done:

1 step:

Start first with the dip. Halve the washed red peppers. Peel the cucumber and halve them lengthwise. Cut into small cubes. Stirring then crème fraîche and mayonnaise together and taste with salt, pepper, mustard and lemon juice off.

2 step:

Add then caviar and the thyme leaves the sliced bell pepper and cucumber, and also that. Stir carefully.

As a meat substitute you can use ham or sausage

raclette recipes round griddle meat mushrooms

3 step:
Cut the washed, cooked and peeled sweet potatoes into approximately 1.5 cm thick slices. Wash the meat and Pat it dry. Then sprinkle it with lemon juice and season with flower salt and pink pepper.

4 step:
Clean the mushrooms and cut them into slices. Then clean the figs and cut them. Halve the papaya, remove the cores and cut them into rough pieces.

5 step:
Halve the slices of cheese. First roast the meat and mushrooms on the raclette plate and place them together with the sweet potatoes, the figs and papaya on the raclette pans. Confirm with the raclette cheese and bake.

Serve with the delicious dip. Good appetite!

The Swissmar raclette stoves are particularly recommended

raclette recipes side dishes grilling raclette oven

Quiet experiment at your next raclette experience

raclette recipes side dishes cheese

There is hardly anything what does not exist

raclette recipes Grill sausages corn vegetables

Prepare delicious Raclette buns for the Office

raclette recipes minced meat buns

Very classic and nutritious

raclette recipes classic hearty sausages and sour cucumber

A welcome lunch on Sunday

raclette recipes Round Grill plate cheese supplements food

The lightweight alternative that fits to your diet

raclette recipes set pans plate

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