Skin Care In Summer – You Need To Know Tips For Beautiful Skin And Hair

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How the right summer skin care

In the summer, it is quite natural that we carry wide and comfortable clothes, which shows much of our body. This is not necessarily the healthiest way to be dressed in the hot weather. But that’s part of our culture and so we have lots of fun this season. Because we need to change anything, but at the same time you should undertake some protective measures. Otherwise, burning skin and hair and lose their firmness and charm. Summer skin care can be easy if you develop certain habits. Here are some useful tips for you.

Skin care is in the summer essential

healthy live summer skin properly maintain tips

A suitable care earn skin care – even your feet in summer

healthy living tips feet summer health

Good peels

Our skin is exposed to the harsh summer conditions. Dust and dirt collect and that’s why it is imperative that scrubs regularly saving you make. To do this, choose natural cosmetics, which equally contributes to the relaxation and provides your skin with beneficial minerals and other ingredients.

Select the right cosmetics for beautiful skin

skin care tips summer health

The Scrubs with minerals from the dead sea have become particularly popular in recent years. If you spend your summer vacation by the sea, this care is quite natural. The regular visit of spas in addition to the usual pools is also strongly recommended. The regular peels also ensure that your body is evenly browned.

Consciously protect the UV rays

These banal tips be underestimated by surprisingly many people. UV rays are indeed very harmful to our skin and you get to feel from personal experience. Don’t wait however, until your skin under the glaring sun burns. This could lead to serious problems.

Protect skin and hair from the harmful rays of the Sun

skin care summer beautiful hair matching shampoo

Use a sunscreen with a high protection factor rather than usual at the beginning of the season. Start from 30. If you have a little Tan, you can reduce the protection factor.

In addition to the usual sun creams and sun lotions, you can use also essential oils, which limit the harmful effects of UV rays. If you are setting a bio, this is of course also a very good solution.

Daily care

Daily maintenance is a secret of beautiful skin in summer. You need to remove your makeup at night, morning applying a barrier cream.

The proper daily care is great role if you want to have beautiful skin

skin care make-up remove nice skin

Use face cream

healthy living tips beautiful skin cream use

Still you should wash often your face and body in the summer. Only if you draw all of these tips into consideration and to make them a habit, your skin care in the long run will bring the desired results.

The summer care for the eyes

The skin around the eyes is very delicate. Select appropriate sunglasses. You must be selected not for the latest fashion trends. It is important that the glass of quality is. Insist on both, so both good quality and modern look? The frame with its material a compromise can be, not admitted but with the glass. You can buy so cheap models with modern-looking frame. But go to the optical shop and put glasses which protect around well really your eyes and skin drum.

Choose the right model of sunglasses

skin care protect eyes sunglasses


The summer skin and hair care have much in common. The shampoos that you use may not aggressive act. You must be gentle to the hair and does not irritate the face.

Use shampoos gentle hair

live healthy beautiful hair skin care summer


The skin of the feet is very strong claim in the summer. It requires special care. In summer good foot scrub is required and always useful. In addition, you should wash your feet and lotion.

Extra care for the feet in the summer

healthy feet live summer care

Do not the artificial Tan

The tanning products are no longer modern. For one, the natural beauty is in, and the other is this beauty really harmful and causes that your skin with toxins is stuffed. Which makes you look older. Is this however the opposite of what you want to achieve, or not?

Provide for healthy skin and hair and a beautiful appearance

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