Skin Care Tips – Popular Skin Care Tips That You’d Rather Not Follow

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Skin care tips that are rather a myth

Many of the popular skin care tips have no real basis and some are even harmful. Do you want to escape the false myths and give you more health and beauty?

Skin care – proper care ensures a long beauty!

skin care tips skin beautiful young

Skin care – tips for beautiful skin

skin maintain buy cosmetics cream use

We debunk some of the most popular Hauppflege tips, that they may have also stopped now.

Funds only from a cosmetic line

There remain many users with the impression that they should buy only cleaning products from the same brand, even from the same series as a result of the Werbekampanien. According to the description, they complement each other and complete the effect. That’s true but in very few cases. Otherwise, you can combine cleaning products of different brands. You must be just all suitable for your skin and hair type.

Choose cosmetics

skin tips maintain select cosmetics

Night and day cream are equal

In fact, the night and day creams have different functions. The first is to supply the skin especially with appropriate drugs and daily care puts the accent on the protection function.

Arrange night and day cream

skin tips care health beauty lifesytle

So buy yourself both products. In the longer term that costs you not too much, because they use Yes it does not at the same time.

The folds are formed when the skin is too dry

This is a false myth and he may harm many ladies. That belief, they focus your efforts at skin care in a completely wrong direction. In truth, the wrinkles due to collagen deficiency. The moisturizing products will improve the appearance of so, but they counter not the aging process.

Why make wrinkles actually?

skin care tips fold myths

You need cosmetics with a good sun protection factor for this purpose rather that just the Sun’s rays destroying collagen. In addition, your cosmetics must contain many antioxidants.

You must start care as early as possible with the anti-age

This is one of the most damaging skin care tips. The anti-age products have many ingredients that are absolutely inappropriate for young skin. At best, she will be strongly tempted, and in the worst production of the collagen is impaired. So you could achieve the opposite by maintaining be applied in too early.

Suitable to treat the young skin

skin tips maintain beautiful skin proper care

If you are using moisturizing cosmetics, your face needs no water

You must drink a lot of water if you want that your skin looks good. Any moisturizing care can make up for it, if you don’t consider yourself a to this rule.

Water is essential for beautiful skin

skin maintain correct tips follow beautiful skin water

You need to periodically replace the care products

The popular skin care tips’s belongs to this, indicating also that you should replace the toiletries regularly because the skin it used to and they have no effect. That’s not true: If your skin by means of a specific good influence, it must be replaced.

Carefully choose care products for your skin

skin care myths beautiful skin tips

But there is something else that you necessarily should remember this: the needs of the skin change with time and every season change and you need to adjust your care accordingly.

In the summer, the skin needs a good protection against the Sun’s harmful rays

skin care tips summer proper care

In the winter, the skin needs as well a special concern

skin care tips different seasons

You can use the vast up to the expiry date on the packaging

In principle this is true, but only if you properly store the cream.  Buy rather smaller amounts and you need it quickly. It is important that you take out a small amount of the cream always with clean fingers, keep there no bacteria.

Properly store the skin cream

skin care cream properly use

The expensive cosmetics is qualitative

The price is not always a sign of good quality. Rather, look at where the product is manufactured and what it has for what active ingredients. Critical questioning, whether they can be processed at a reasonable price. If true, the cosmetics can be cheap.

Select the right cosmetics for you

skin care cream use right keep

Pick Tester and feel their effect on your skin. How feels this is the best sign for the quality of the product.

Find out: your skin is it worth!

This fehlhaften skin care tips show the importance of good information. You should acquire at best a good general education with regard to the health of skin and hair. This includes the appropriate skin care products as well as the culture to the own body care. Only in this way, you are not advised in the case of incorrect advice and not ethical marketing strategies.

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