Sleep Tips For The Right Room Facilities Good

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bedroom plants round side table

Useful sleep good tips for the room facilities

We think that is the bedroom of one of the most important rooms in a home. Do you agree? Actually the majority of us spends most of his time there. We do it, but not always in are clear.

Combine different patterns in the bedroom

sleep good tips cool bedroom carpet beautiful accent wall

Sleep is an important need of all of us. He is to our health of fundamental importance. It is our mental and physical well-being. It is also much because the bedroom was decorated. It depends on whether we feel comfortable there or not rather.

Cool pendant lights over the tables hang

sleep good tips hanging lights great pendants plant cool decoration

Make fancy bedroom wall of bamboo

sleep good tips bedroom TV wall bamboo

Comfortable and quiet, or the seven Golden sleep good tips

Regularly ventilate the room and other facilities. The grant to freshness guarantees you also a better cell nutrition. Thus, you will breathe at night also regular and relaxed, so real.

Achieve fresh bedroom Interior

sleep good fresh Interior views sea

Provide for a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom

Schlfazimmereinrichtung light grey walls plant pictures of wood side table

Remove the dust

The regular and preventative dust removal is one of the sleep-good tips. We inhale everything, what is in the closed rooms and it comes to each cell. From the quality of the air, it’s also connected how well run the processes in our body. This in turn is closely connected with the air quality.

Keep the bedroom clean and organized

sleep good bedroom properly equip small carpet TV

Thick curtains and blinds

These are the means by which you can darken your room. Please bring these to use. Only through the darkness, melatonin cuts off. This hormone is essential for the good night’s sleep. It is therefore important that comes at night, no light in the room.

The black curtains contrast beautifully with the white bedroom Interior

sleep good tips carpet black curtains white chair wall mirror

Use the same pattern in the whole interior

bedroom long dense curtains books nightstand

Choose plants carefully

It is not recommended that you keep many plants with him at home. Above all this to avoid that are strongly fragrant and bloom. So, the exotic house plants, with the large flowers are really not a good idea for the bedroom.

Elegant Schlafzimmerdeko makes plants living space

Schlafzimmereinrichtug plant long curtains bedroom Bank

Decorate the bedroom with fern

bedroom plant nightstand elegant bedroom furniture

Some people prefer it to decorate the bedroom with multiple plants

bedroom plants sofa long curtains side tables

Walls and flooring

These are natural aromatic substances and materials. So no mold and unwanted for the Interior phenomena related to moisture in conjunction form. In the bedroom you should strive for highest quality.

Stylish wall decoration, which nicely contrasts with the floor

bedroom carpet long curtains sofa coffee table

Simple bedroom with integrated workplace

bedroom workplace carpet great

Harmonious make the bedroom

bedroom wardrobe mirror panoramic window

Colors, with which you are surrounded in the bedroom

Sleep Good Tips in establishing include whatever the colors and different shades. They work on behaviour and on our mood. There is a whole science which deals with the psychological effect of the colours. There are on our Internet page separate article.

Fresh paint, on which we voted matching curtains

sleep good tips bedroom set long curtains flowers

Combine green wall color with white furniture

sleep good bedroom design green wall color white furniture

White and green complement each other beautifully

sleep good tips wall color bedroom set

Electrical appliances in the bedroom

You should avoid electrical appliances in the bedroom. This excludes the TV. But PCs, phones, and any kind of smart devices may be rather not available here. They directly disturb your peace of mind and add a larger more permanent damage to the human body. Especially the habit of to sleep, with a phone next to the head must be forgotten once forever.

Luxurious bedroom with TV

sleep good tips recessed of white carpet

Does anyone remember that the bedroom is a place for rest and recreation. Also for love, but not for watching TV and other equipment! This strikes you as a retro trend? That should not be there. For if you live according to this style, this will be only healthy for you.

China Feng Shui in the bedroom

It’s durable sleeping tips, you can’t get past somehow on the Feng Shui rules. Here are those from the Chinese school at a glance.

Mirrors, sharp objects and books must not be located here. The mirrors reflect the surface area and which can harm the people very. Books and other sources of information are therefore not to be recommended, because they interfere with the rest of the brain. You can thus not so good sleep. Sharp objects and tips have an aggressive energy. These are also dangerous, because we are not very concentrated upon waking or sleeping and us could hurt.

Placing a mirror on the living room wall but often

sleep good tips bedroom mirror cooler Chair

Design everything in line with each other

sleep good small bedroom wood floor set up

The bed

We want to complement good sleeping tips now through some such that relate indirectly to the bed. You should have here according to Feng Shui at best, a double bed, and this should have a whole mattress. The aisles on both sides should be free. So the energy will move freely and you would pull an intimate partner and store.

Unusual bed in green, which one has nice spiced up by other coloured elements

sleep good great green bed beautiful wall decoration tips cool coffee table

Continue the chic bed by a matching bedroom bench

sleep good tips luxurious bedroom bedroom Bank

There must be no clothes under the bed. But if you must, it should be clean underwear. Also, there must be no beams, borders and inclined structures above the bed.

Of course it doesn’t help if you meet the bedroom with a lot of positive energy. Even if you have neglected the one or another rule, you can do I’m sure good that!

Bedroom with huge wall mirror

sleep good tips bedroom wall mirror beautiful wall decoration

Colored patterns combine and they swim by plants

bedroom color pattern plants ornaments

Why don’t you sit on unusual decoration in the bedroom?

bedroom beautiful painting wall mirror fresh Interior

Combine with other rooms the bedroom

bedroom bedroom plants

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