Smokey Eyes Makeup – In Five Steps, Which Is Easily And Quickly

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Smokey eyes makeup – tips for a beautiful eye makeup

Smokey eyes are classic. Further, these are in metallic color super modern this year. Smoky eyes are easy to make-up and this makeup could be worn to a daily, as well as an official occasion.

Smokey eyes makeup – a mysterious look reach

eyes makeup smokey eys green nuances

Smokey eyes makeup in bronze color

eye make-up schminktipps bronze color

That’s why Smokey eyes our topic are today. If you don’t know the make-up technology, you must learn them necessarily now. You can have all the possible nuances.

Smokey eyes are bright colours as eye make-up for every occasion

smokey eye makeup dark shades

Dark Smokey eyes have something dramatic in itself

eyes make-up tips of smokey eyes makeup dark

Actually, we write today of one of the many makeup techniques, you can apply for Smokey eyes.

What do you need, so you Smokey eyes makeup?

To achieve a satisfactory result, you need black eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow. First apply the black eyeliner on the top eyelid and on the lower inner eyelid. Now certainly think oh, that looks so weird! Yes, that’s right, because your eyes are so deep black rimmed. But please, have no worries, just manages the Smokey look!

How to make-up Smokey eyes?

eyes makeup smokey eyes makeup tutorial

Step by step to achieve Smokey eyes

smokey eyes makeup guide

You will need a small brush with which you apply dark eyeshadow on the upper eyelid. Then you have to shade it. Now apply eye liner or eye pin on the edge of the upper lids. Smudge slightly with your fingers. Then take a small brush and close distribute something dark or grey eyeshadow to the eyelid crease. Directly on the eyelid crease, wear still bright grey eyeshadow!

Apply the eye shadow on the upper eyelid

smokey eyes makeup tutorial steps

Details are important

eyes make-up tutorial purple schminktipps

Emphasize the eye color

eye makeup dark shades of makeup tips

Bronze color and black Regy liner will help you to create a wonderful makeup

eye make-up schminktipps bronze smokey eyes, color

Provide a dramatic and yet effective look with a mascara. Emphasize your lashes in this way and achieve the desired WOW effect!

You want dramatic look use dark shades and enough mascara

eyes makeup smokey eyes dramatic look

Match the color of eyeshadow on the hair color

light blue, smokey eyes makeup mascara

Remove unnecessary eyeshadow

The Smokey eyes make-up technology means that it is pretty much eyeshadow, to achieve the desired smoky look. Best remove superfluous eye shadow. Otherwise you will spoil the impression of the great made-up eyes. Take some cotton, immerse them in cleaning milk and remove the excess color. Apply powder then there again so that the points are dry and are colour not different from the other.

Eye shadow, which blend

smokey eyes makeup dark shades schminktipps

The Smokey eyes make modern look

This season, the garish shades are very modern. To achieve a chic and contemporary look, add some purple on the upper eyelid. If you wear neutral clothing, you can accentuate your eyes with Crimson and purple.

Put on Flash notes

smokey eyes makeup purple shades schminktipps

Ensure that your makeup is more perfect

Smokey eyes makeup looks particularly bad when it is smeared. It would therefore not bad to do something about it. There are special sprays can be applied, so the makeup lasts longer after. Use it, if you like to be longer with smoky eyes.

Make the eye make-up look commonplace

smokey eyes makeup warm nuances

Learn quick techniques, how Smokey eyes makeup!

In addition to the classic makeup, there are also quick techniques that lead to the smoky effect. You accomplish not so effective, yet sufficiently attractive results. Also with color. The mastery of such makeup techniques is important. You can use them, even if you have not so much time to prepare and look very good.

Charming Smokey eyes makeup

eyes makeup smokey eyes makeup ideas

Combine Blue with green at the Smokey eyes

eye makeup dark blue smokey eyes mascara

Contrasting colors in eye make-up guarantee you a noticeable look

eyes makeup smokey eyes ideas colors

Smokey eyes in shades of green

eyes makeup smokey eyes green nuances

Emphasize light Smokey eyes with red lipstick

eyes makeup smokey eyes bright makeup tips

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