So You Declare War On Insects In Your Home

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The best way is basically to banish insects from your own four walls, installing insect screens or fly screens on Windows and doors. In the winter, because cold weather ensures that they fall in the winter stasis, until it becomes warmer again, you have much calm before the pesky plague ghosts. However it is not spared often also in the cold season of the particularly stubborn fruit flies. They make here often also still then of our fruit, if outside freezing temperatures prevail. If you have the annoying beasts in the apartment, there are but a few tricks as you again to get rid of them.

Hereby specifically back to get rid fruit flies

Unlike House flies or other insects Obstfliegen find optimum conditions in our homes in the cold season, to spend their whole lives here. House flies, for example, must fly sometime out into the open to find a substrate, in that they can lay their eggs. You can’t find this in an apartment. To make fruit flies, however, usually with the fruit itself home. It are their eggs, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. As soon as they hatch once, they reproduce often explosively. However you can to get rid fruit flies again relatively easy.

insects fly screens klappturen

Flying glasses themselves build – step-by step instructions

You can use for example flying glasses to get rid Obstfliegen as soon as possible again. They consist of a transparent container that has a hole inside domed top. The insects are attracted by a liquid in the glass. They can move up through the hole while in the glass, but won’t get beyond the curvature and drown in the liquid.

You have the opportunity to build a flying glass for a few cents itself. For this, you need only the following tools:

clear water bottle
Liquid that attracts the insects

insects fly screen protection from insects

Then proceed as follows:

Cut off the top part of the water bottle and unscrew the lid.
Fill the bottle with a small amount of the desired fluid.
Place the cut bottle head vice versa on the lower part of the bottle.
Place the bottle in the desired location in your home.
Replace the liquid every couple of days.

If necessary, you can make several fly glasses and fill with different liquids. Flying glasses are suitable not only for combating of fruit flies, but also ideal as insect protection from other pesky plague ghosts:

Fruit flies: vinegar water
Flying/wasps: Sweet liquids such as juice, honey water or lemonade
Blowflies: Water with fish or meat leftovers

insects fly screen schiebeturen covered terrace


So, you see, that you can effectively eliminate insects with a few remedies from your apartment. However you should ensure in the warm season effectively that uninvited guests such as mosquitoes, wasps and co. not only from outside in your own four walls into lost. To effectively prevent that, should bring not only fly screens on your Windows, you install in addition to ideally even insect screens on your input and terraces doors. You can find high-quality screen doors made of different materials, for example, with this provider. If you follow our tips, you’ll have summer and winter your calm before the plague ghosts.

insects of insects protective mosquito nets

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