Solardachziegel-an Expensive Pleasure?

Clean energy through solar roof tiles and yet no demand?

Although the great invention of Nicola Tesla since is decades known and admired, will benefit the humanity of the benefits of solar energy. More and more often we hear in the news about planned projects in various sectors of the economy where the solar energy emerges as optimal and sustainable alternative. Unfortunately we get with it enough in our everyday lives. Renewable energies are an important and not a new subject, but more or less still in infancy.

Many scientists and innovative companies continue to work despite economic discrepancies on many eco-friendly projects and popularize the intelligent alternative, called solar energy.

Solar roof tile vs. photovoltaic modules

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And if in the past, the purchase of a private power plant was unimaginably expensive, now more and more home – and landowners can make come true the dream of Tesla.

In today’s article, we present the successor of photovoltaic modules, which rests quietly on your roof and collects solar energy for your home.

Solar roof tiles look nearly like normal roof tiles and moved in a similar way. The building blocks known as module brick be used if important aesthetic aspects of the appearance of a building should be fulfilled. Houses, which are protected, as is the case in many historic city centres, the architects allow no installation of conventional photovoltaic modules. Historic homes are thus renewed in the truest sense of the word, without some of their architectural style is changed.

A good solution of any aesthetic factors

solar roof tile

There are powerful solar roof tiles, which are available in different designs already on the market. Although the potential customer has a big choice between solar roofing tiles made of clay or plastic with different installation options, the demand remains low.  The 5 watts of power a solar roof tiles is described in the average as modest and so that we can speak of minimum energy, it would take between 300-400 tiles on its roof.

The performance of a module brick is approx. 5 Watt

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A good investment in the long run

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The high cost of the installation of a power plant are named as often named and also the only reason for the meager consumer demand. Although these costs are unique and cost-effective and clean energy in the long run enable even the wiring of each brick that is restored with costs in connection remains problematic.

The rationale seems to be considered an excuse and even though we have the real possibility to take advantage of the Sun, for several decades as one of the many alternative energy sources we have us simply and without big thinking with the opinion of the economic content.

With enough solar roofing tiles you can provide quite the whole household with energy

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The wiring of the individual tile is currently an kostenintesives obstacle

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The best alternative for renovation of historic buildings

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Tesla BB´s clever invention is known for decades

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The vision of streets illuminated by solar energy

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