Spices Shopping – The List Of Spices, You Always Buy A Refill Must

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spices list black pepper peppercorns

Buy spices – the usual spices list for every household

Varied home-cooked food is the key to better health, so according to nutrition experts. How does it repeatedly to devise various dishes of tastes and ingredients from and to prepare them? That is increasingly difficult in the busy everyday life.

Buy spices – garlic gives the dish a peculiar taste

spices buy garlic healthy properties cans

Herbs and spice plants are among the best helpers in this respect. You can quickly make something very special from a simple healthy dish and pamper the senses. Two pinches of a special or not so far tried out spice create miracles.


What’s a kitchen without salt? In small quantities, this spice also for our health is very important. Often we not something really need different, to make a dish tasteful. You surely know that you should use the different types of salt best in variety, or? To provide different nutrients and reach a slightly different flavor when cooking.

Buy spices – without salt, food not just tastes!

spices shopping salt healthy doses

Black peppercorns

Virtually all food can be in black peppercorns. You should consider this as a matter of course. Black pepper was one of the most expensive products that existed in the middle ages. This is another reason to add this to the own list of spices.

Black pepper

spices black pepper cooking list

You can win from the plant Piper nigrum black peppercorns. They will have fermented, ripe and dried to be. If you want to achieve a very rich taste, buy whole grains and grind them just before eating. There are about 15 kilo calories in two spoons of black pepper. In addition, 37% of the daily intake of manganese contains there.

Spread pepper steaks for a classic super delicious taste. You mix a tasty dressing from olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt and ground black pepper.

Red pepper

Red pepper is a very well-known spice. It is ground and then sold. Use it in the sauce for pasta or pizza. Red pepper belongs to the chili sauce and tastes wonderful in combination with lots of meat and vegetable dishes. Red pepper develops his character in cooking and other thermal processing. The temperature must be but never too high. Otherwise, the taste is too bitter.

Red pepper

spices red pepper cooking list

Chili souce for those who like spicy food

spices list red pepper chili souce cooking tips

Here are two tips for dishes that taste super good with red pepper. Only to call – stuffed peppers with cauliflower and chicken or Turkey with red wine and Basil cooked.


Cinnamon is a super delicious spice and it brings many advantages with it, not only for the senses only, but also for the State of our health. This aromatic spice is extracted from the bark of the cinnamon tree. She will be removed, dried and wrapped in rolls. Can be found on the market as cinnamon sticks cinnamon or even ground as powder.

Cinnamon powder

spices list cinnamon powder cooking

Cinnamon sticks

spices list cinnamon bars nutrients

The cinnamon sticks can be – kept for longer for one year for example The cinnamon powder has a more intense flavor. In this form, it loses its properties but already after six months. There are a variety of cinnamon varieties.

The Ceylon cinnamon is the highest estimated. This is called yet “true cinnamon”. There are however many discussions about whether it is healthier to cassia – or Ceylon cinnamon. Some experts warn of a high content of the harmful substance Coumarin in the first. If you often use cinnamon in your kitchen, then better take Ceylon cinnamon and limit themselves to a tablespoon per day.

It makes especially delicious pastries with cinnamon. But there are many lamb and chicken dishes with cinnamon. In addition, the mulled wine at Christmas time so glorious smells cinnamon.

Cinnamon pastries

spices list cinnamon pastry ideas cooking


Cumin also should not forget, if you buy spices. This should also include your list of popular spices. It’s a spice with a very long history in the gastronomy and kitchen. Take prefer whole grains as a ground. At best it should be organic. Cumin are a wonderful source of iron, manganese, zinc, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B1. Two tablespoons contain 16 calories and 16% of the daily dose of iron.

Cross cumin

spices buy cumin seeds health cooking

Ground Kreukümmelkörner

spices buy cumin ground cooking tips

The combination of cumin and black pepper is considered an aphrodisiac in some Eastern countries. No matter whether this mix so acts or not, he is a wonderful flavor addition to vegetables, fish and chicken. Cumin super suits the different varieties of beans, lentils, and also almost all types of meat. Use ground cumin lamb dishes, add salt and black pepper, and delicious taste and wonderful aroma can be reached.


Thyme will contribute with its strong flavor to many culinary successes. He is known in the catering industry and in medicine for many centuries. To continue to use thyme in aromatherapy. 2 tablespoons have only 5 calories, but you create so that 10% of the daily intake of vitamin C.

Thyme leaves

spices shopping Thyamin leaves fresh cooking

Choose prefer thyme in fresher than in dried form. How to get a better taste. The thyme leaves have a very nice green color. Thus, one decorated so many dishes. Keep thyme in bags in the refrigerator.

Dried thyme

buy spices thyme dishes of tasty make

We can recommend it only to use this herb for cooking fish, chicken, salad dressings and soups. Fresh thyme fits to omelets. Be sure try this: made spinach with eggs and thyme.


Ginger is a very healthy and aromatic spice. It is also a powerful antioxidant. Take all roots to the boil. You would be best chopped or grated. They have also a pleasant taste and a great aroma. A big favor, thus make to your health. Ginger tea and various juices you should try this dish: pumpkin soup with ginger.

Ginger is healthy and makes delicious food

spices buy ginger healthy eating tips

Pumpkin soup tastes great with ginger

buy spices ginger pumpkin soup recipe ideas


Also garlic may not be missing on your list of must-have spices. 27 calories, 15% of the daily intake of manganese, 13% vitamin B6, 7% vitamin C, 6% zinc included seven toes. There is garlic powder, but the taste of fresh garlic is much more intense. The one or other variant may be appropriate depending on the situation. Keep the garlic at best in a cool and dark place.

Cloves of garlic

spices buy garlic buy spices list

Add garlic to the dish

spices buy garlic healthy eating tips

Do you like cinnamon pastries?

buy spices cinnamon biscuits recipe ideas

Just watch how much salt you eat

spices list salt dishes of tasty make

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