Sports Shoes With Sustainable Design – 9 Brands, You Should Know

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9 great brands offer sports shoes for everyday use, which include the sustainable fashion

The shoes are often neglected in discussions on ethical fashion. The shoes even more. When there is talk of sustainable fashion, then that means above all sandals or shoes with heels.

Why this is so, there is no reasonable explanation. There are ample brands that offer now sustainable sports shoes . 9. those we want to draw today your attention.

Sports shoes with sustainable design

with sustainable design shoes sports shoes

What features and benefits bring the sustainably produced sport shoes

Sustainable sports shoes for ladies and gentlemen are vegan and organic. This means that no animals were injured or killed during their manufacture. The production of such shoes is ecological.

No chemicals are used. Thus endangering the manufacturer neither health employees, nor that the people who put them on.

Sustainability is also in the footwear industry

Ethletic sports shoes with sustainable design sports shoes ladies

Here are 9 famous brands that bring sustainable shoes on the market:

The people’s movement

Already the name of the brands, the people’s movement, speaks for the philosophy of the company. The founder of the company the consumer indicates that our habit can be fatal to convenience. We kill slowly ourselves and our planet, by we produce so much waste, that we will soon have no room to live.

The accent in this fire is the sustainable production, long time of use and the ability to reuse the materials.

The people’s movement

the people's movement sports shoes with sustainable design


The company VEJA gets sustainable materials for their production of more than 320 farmers who produce organic cotton. You all for fair trade certified, which automatically means that human exploitation is excluded in the halls of their work.

VEJA sneakers – an elegant model for women

Veja women sport shoes with sustainable design

Modern and sustainable design

Veja sneakers with sustainable design


ElNaturalista uses rough materials of the best quality. Its exact development leads to the best possible results. The Arbeitshallender company is located in Morocco and Spain. These two countries are known for their traditional manufacture of leather, and thats just the main material of shoes from ElNaturalista.

There are among others a series of models, which are suitable for allergy sufferers because they contain no chrome.

ElNaturalista stands for quality and sustainability

ElNaturalist Grosella walky sports shoes with sustainable design sport shoes women

Indo sole

Old tires are recycled in the manufacture of sports shoes for men and women, come from this fire. They are cut in the shape of a sole. Still, the producers eco use materials such as banana leaves, organic fabrics, different types of grass.

Shoe soles of recycled car tyres

Indo sole sport shoes with sustainable design

Keep company

Keep company is a vegetarian brand. They continue to place a high value on the humane treatment of people who work for them. In addition, the retention of cultural heritage plays an important role here. This company for sports shoes works so that old handicraft traditions evolve without losing its authentic character.

Vegan shoes by keep company

keep company sports shoes with sustainable design


Native sells vegan shoes for men and women, for children and adults. The manufacturing process is very persistent, because this very few harmful emissions are produced. The shoe models of the company are native of the most noxious substances for the free nature.

If all these ecological and health benefits, the shoes with a very high quality. You are very comfortable and resistant against shock, can be washed quickly, and it stick no stains.

Native sold stylish vegan shoes for ladies and gentlemen

native apollo sport chukka, shoes with sustainable design


You know maybe this brand, if you love sustainable elegant shoes. However, the fire has much for people with sporting tastes on offer. The company was founded in 2009 in Italy, and it had the idea to produce vegan shoes in accordance with the rules of sustainable fashion from the outset.

Know the Italian brand’s vegan shoes Noah?

Noah tamara taupe shoes with sustainable design

Bourgeois Bohème

Bourgeois Bohème is another fire, which has become known through its super elegant models. You will find also some sports shoes for men. They are produced in vegan leather, which comes from Italy. The production is happening in fair working conditions in Portugal and uses some traditional craft techniques.

Bourgeois Bohème offer elegant shoes for men on the market

bourgeois Bohème sport shoes with sustainable design


This is a sustainable version of the standard running shoes. They are produced under fair trade conditions in Pakistan. Organic cotton is used in their production.

Ethletic sneakers are produced under fair trade conditions in Pakistan

ethletic fair coach sports shoes with sustainable design

Viewing the new models of these brands yet! They are often original and nicer than many other sports shoes on the market. The price pays off, mainly through improved health and environmental protection.

More and more shoe brands strive to establish sustainable fashion

adidas sports shoes with sustainable design

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