Spring Recipes For A Healthy Season Kitchen

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spring recipes dishes with spring vegetable salad

Looking for spring recipes, a new taste to wear

If the spring breaks, one feels a virtually unstoppable desire for change. Fresh emotions and feelings are, so that you “can’t stand it”. You feel that even at the beginning of this season?

Delicious spring recipes

spring recipes Erfrischungsgertänk with strawberries

The food is one of the best sources of pleasure, which are also close. But the increased desire to eat, can sometimes go wrong. Because, too often, to try something that could also help, that it increases at the worst time. We want to look in the summer in bikini, or?

Clear vegetable soup

spring recipes vegetarian vegetable soup

Spring recipes, which we have selected for you, bring the ideal characteristics for the season. They are low in calories, offer strong taste experiences and a lot energy, which work against fatigue and help to overcome them.

Spring salad with Arugula, Apple slices and nuts

spring recipes spring salad with apples and nuts

Chicken with lemon sauce

For the people who are not vegetarians, meat dishes taste best. But how are we to think because everything in the spring with the fat under control? We would say that you choose for one or more recipes with lemon. Cream should be less. Pull a broth with fresh and healthy spices into consideration, such as for example Mint.

Delicious chicken dishes

spring recipes meat chicken with lemon sauce bean pesto

Chicken with lemon sauce and fresh herbs

spring recipes chicken with lemon sauce bean pesto

Meat with exotic taste

Let’s stick with the meat a little. Spring recipes could include also duftigere varieties. You would need to change only the sauce. How about a pineapple sauce, which gives a unique taste of the roast pork?

Pineapple slices for an exotic taste

spring recipes meat dishes with rice and vegetables

Grilled chicken with vegetables of in season

Did you think that you absolutely rule out grilled chicken as a recipe for spring have? No, definitely not! You should eat only not so much of it, enjoy it slowly and it rather than with the greasy French fries, combine with great vegetables.

Chicken Roast with carrots and potatoes

spring recipes meat chicken Roast with potatoes

Grilled chicken with Spinach

spring recipes meat chicken with vegetables

Delicious pasta salad

Would you like noodles?  No problem. For pasta salads are a popular and pretty healthy choice among the spring recipes. Experiment with the products of the season. You could also of course opt for whole wheat! Then just a little cheese in May.

Pasta Salad with asparagus

spring recipes spring salad with noodles and vegetables

With asparagus, you have made a taste that is measured according to the season, which is still very healthy and brings the so longed-for specific emotions.

Spring salad with yummy Farfallen

spring recipes spring dishes pasta salad with asparagus

Pea Salad

Among the spring recipes enjoy salads of a natural popularity. We just get a natural desire that through the Sun and the smells of nature. You can combine the so healthy chickling with so many different types of vegetables. Fresh tomatoes are a great choice!

Healthy seasonal cuisine: Pea Salad

spring recipes lentils peas asparagus dishes onion

Another tip, we could give you would be to combine peas, leeks, asparagus in a salad. Then you could sprinkle a little Parmesan on it.

Spring salad with strawberries and quinoa

spring recipes vegetarian vegetable salad with strawberries resized

Spring vegetables: Spinach, asparagus, peas and parsley, quinoa

spring recipes vegetarian vegetable salad with quinoa

Add also avocado to

spring recipes vegetarian vegetable salad with quinoa and avocado resized

Light, warm spring recipes

Behind us we have the hearty dishes and cold salads. Do you want something in the Middle? Great spring recipes are also soups and light vegetarian warm meals. For this season the Tomato Basil Soup or one would super fit with carrots and ginger.

Tomato soup with Basil

spring recipes cream soup tomato soup cooking

Under the risottos we would for this season suggest those with shrimp, spinach and artichokes, as well as all products, freshly produced this season.

Vegetarian paella with spring vegetables

spring recipes vegetarian vegetable skillet paella

Also, many clear soups, vegetarian and meat soups are good for this season. Among other things, they will provide your body with sufficient liquid.

Spinatcremesuppe with ham

spring recipes cream soup Spinatcremesuppe with ham cooking

Spring dishes with green asparagus

spring recipes vegetarian dishes asparagus dishes vegetable soup

Tostbrotscheiben also to the spring type

spring recipes vegetarian Tostbrotscheiben with vegetables lubrication buns

Doner, but instead of using bread, with lettuce?

Do you want a chicken shawarma? But in the spring it’s not real time to stuff themselves with white flour. Why because you rather opt for a variant with salad, wherein the delicious meat is wrapped?

Doner kebab with salad leaves

spring recipes salad with beef

Spring salad with chicken and avocado

spring recipes spring salad with chicken

Let your good meal!

spring recipes spring salad with chicken and avocado

Spring vegetables roast and prepare a tasty

spring recipes dishes with vegetables carrots peas parsley

Mushroom stew

spring recipes dishes with mushrooms stew

Good appetite!

spring recipes chicken with bean pesto spinach

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