Strength Training Exercises And Their Positive Side

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About the positive aspects of strength training exercises – trivia and interesting

You can find very much info on the net about the strength training exercises. One would say almost too much. This can be sometimes really confusing. The main drawback of this thing is that people associate becoming more and more the strength training exercises to build muscle mass.

Lifting weights

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How does it work

We use the glycogen in the muscles during resistance training exercises . We burn some fat. But it does not mean that strength training exercises bring us nothing! Quite the contrary.

The benefits of strength training exercises

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At first glance, it seems self-evident that to deal with cardio. This conclusion is very simple and is not true. We achieve a long-term effect by the strength training exercises.

Train diligently and regularly

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The best you should combine actually strength, cardio training, and also stretching. So you can achieve the best effect.

Structure strength training

For beginners, it is best to divide the exercises in pushing and pulling exercises. You should be evenly distributed in our plan. The repetitions are characteristic. They are usually between 1 and 6.

Strength training exercise with free weights

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Do Reps on the exercises

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Beginners should practice every third day. Then go over every other day to a rhythm. If you are quite advanced, you need an individual regime, which corresponds to your long-term goals.

Characteristic of the strength training

With more intense strength training exercises , you burn more fat. This is true even if they are shorter.

If you want to practice endurance, then choose the long monotonous series

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Nice body relief

The strength training exercises are the best way to shape a nice body relief. We reach this balanced and well developed muscles.

The visible results

The visible result of strength training exercises usually come after the third month. It would be optimal to practice once a week 3-4.


The recovery is very important after a workout. To avoid risks prior to trauma. This is very important if you want to do the exercises longer. Overloading often leads to forced breaks.

Afford to exercise the necessary recovery

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Strength training exercises for each muscle group

To achieve the best effects, through the strength training exercises for each muscle group. They are varied. So you can train more often and more intensively. While only one muscle group will be charged, the other can recover well.

Strength training for women

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Benefits at a glance

Instead of conclusion we demonstrate the benefits from the strength training exercises more explicitly and at a glance:

Improve the metabolism and the associated processes.
They improve the tone and make us alive.
You build muscle mass and help us to achieve a nice body relief.
You burn fat and promote the synthesis of growth hormone.
To reduce the risk from osteoporosis.
They reduce the stress by encouraging the release of endorphins.
You strengthen the muscles, which is in all aspects of life by the benefit.
They ensure a restful sleep.
They improve our stamina, physical strength and just get us in better shape.
They improve our self-confidence and are therefore good for our psychological state.

Do the strength training exercises not alone!

If you are for strength training exercises decide, need a coach. The risk of injury is otherwise too large. However, it must be this not necessarily to a personal trainer. This is of course many too expensive. There are a number of great group training, which include strength exercises. They are also amusing not only cheaper, but for many people.

With a trainer do the strength training exercises

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