Successful Weight Loss – Useful, Easy To Following Tips

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successful weight loss woman hamburger food

Successfully lose weight with more concentration

Often we take to just because we can not focus on our food. Experts have found that out. We watch TV, play on our Smartphone, reading and so on. So we find that getting saturated and the food take place automatically. But that’s not a good idea.

Control the weight

successful accessory tips

To eat at the place of work is not particularly healthy

successfully removing workplace food woman

Because the conscious sensation from becoming saturated is of fundamental importance for us less to eat. If we eat slowly and focus on the food, it comes automatically to that we reach the sated feeling faster. So, we also do not need to include even more food.

Enjoy the food

successful slimming is concentrating at dinner girl

Treat yourself to a romantic dinner

successful weight loss dinner couple

It looks, if you watch TV, while you eat

remove the tips family food television

Also, if we eat unconsciously, it may be that we process the food simply much faster. This in turn leads to problems with the stomach and the stomach. Ultimately, this leads to problems, if we want to successfully take off .

To eat, before the computer is not healthy and pleasant

successful weight loss woman workplace eating salad

The experiments of the Birmingham University

So this just seems described not as a mere talk, we would acquaint you with an experiment of scientists from the University of Birmingham. First, you have made tests in women around 40, who were overweight and could not successfully take off .

It has divided them into three groups. The first are likely to play PC games, where this was represented as a kind of reward. The women from the second group were allowed to play on PC, but this time, this employment rather than reward was presented. The third group had lunch without having them by various external factors distracted.

The food contained in all cases to 400 calories. There are many different dishes and the ladies had to eat everything. The experiment was conducted in the same evening.

Healthy to take off is better than faster to take off

successful accessory weight check tips

Sweets were served to all participants. The conditions matches the computer remained the same. Scientists have observed, at what pace, the food is eaten. The women from the first and second group ate more each 69 and 29 percent as from the third.

Treat yourself sometimes it candy

take off tips on the food focus Sügißkeiten food

It has conducted a second experiment affiliated

62 volunteers took part in this. The scientists have divided it into two. The first had to eat dry bread, without to be distracted. The second group had to watch TV while eating. Here you got similar results to the first time.

The conclusions

Do you have the feeling that you normally and regularly feed on? Are you sure that the calories, you never overdo it? But you can still not successfully take off? It may be that you simply should focus more on the food. So, you will feel pleasure and be fed for a smaller amount of the food. Weight loss and more energy come automatically as a result!

The food in the workplace makes still strenuous work day

remove the tips in the workplace food

One is slow enough, if you eat before your computer

remove tips before computer eating

The whole family eats together in the kitchen

successful slimming eating enjoying family kitchen

Couple on a romantic dinner

tips take some romantic dinner

The family dinner is something pleasant

remove tips Außs food focus family

Organize a group dinner with friends

remove tips friends dining enjoying talks

Enjoy a fresh salad

successful accessory on the food focus salad food

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