Suggestions And Tips For A Happy Life

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Happy life outside the victim role

You are versed somewhat in the area of applied psychology? Knowing what psychologists to understand by victim-hood? The term itself says much. Since however it’s more a mental state than to a real situation, it needs probably more explanation.

The others are always guilty!

Simply put, people in the role of victim feel miserable and blame the other… Do you know these people? Also sometimes just behave? Do it maybe even more often?

Not good and not bad

In advance we would assure it that we do not intend to judge anyone. Victimhood is not a sin – she have their psychological explanation. It is unfortunately self-destructive and concerns also the people in the area in a negative manner.

That’s why sometimes professional help is essential

happy life therapeutic help

Everyone can get into it, and actually we do it all sometimes. If we become aware, we start naturally, to work to overcome them. If we do this, we become stronger and happier.

Have so don’t be afraid to check this setting in the face! That you occasionally or often take the role of victim, is not so bad, like I said. Many people do this. The few people committed and do something to overcome them. To do so, is alone to be a courageous decision and something pulls out from the role of victim already us.

The symptoms

What symptoms to show people which play the role of”victim”? These are behaviors and beliefs which essentially have one thing in common: they prevent one to lead a happy life.

Often this role also in everyday work affects

happy life businessman stressed depression

Life is a serious challenge

People in the victim role see the world as a bad place. All people are evil in their opinion. “The others” would do something bad, as a good thing to one more. People in the victim role find something bad even in the best situation.

External communication

There are two typical behaviors. Such people find someone where they are permanently complaining either. You don’t care for a different perspective on things. Rather, they want to get a confirmation that they are in fact victims. To get rid of such a person, you need right on the role of victim to deny this just once. Yes, you are now to “the others” and “Evil” are, are no longer burdened by the poor energy.

Avoid people who constantly gripe and emit negative energy

happy life of victimhood bleating

Withdraw variant in the second most popular man in victimhood in deep depression

happy life sadness depression

This choice is probably worse. You not only destroys the chances of a future happy life, but can have serious health consequences.

Bless you

Most of the time, people in the victim role due to the negative, self-destructive attitude have many health problems.

They immerse themselves more time, if they do not change their attitude

happy life healthy heart stability

Reasons for the victim role

When and why decides a person to play the role of victim, rather than to build a happy life? This is very individual. Unfortunately this is with the education in the home. If the parents play the role of victim, the children with the feeling of growing up, this was the normal attitude to life.

That’s why give an open, courageous and positive attitude to life your children

happy life parents education

Still, taking the victim role with the high demands and the feeling of excessive demands may be connected. There may be if we too often put in situations in which we failed to do so.

A real misfortune could be the reason to do so. Losses, accidents, violent attacks meet sometimes so hard that we live long after their occurrence under their depressive influence.

Remember, understand, overcome

After, and also according to the opinion of many successful psychologists, the accusations will not help our view. The “victims”people who we are all sometimes Yes in principle, should explore their feelings. Ask the question whether and why you feel like victims individually. When was the first time when you happened? Is it a “family tradition”, to be unhappy? Often we come intuitively on the right answers. You can, but must be not logical. If you have the feeling, you man not liked as a baby, I guess that, even if you have no memories of the time. These have been preserved on an intuitive level.

You can also affect the love affair

happy life someday communication

Help the others

You can only help the other if this of real wollen…oder if you are an excellent psychologist… The support may come but probably less with allegations and more than understanding.

Together with this person, try to find out where the negative attitude when it comes

happy life love relationship family

What do you do then?

What should we do after we us are realised, when and how we have taken the role of victim? First, you should never stop looking for. Most people encounter in several responses. Any more is usually either deep in us or however she shows us a different aspect of the same thing.

But it’s also just about everything you have to do. Once we understand the role of victim as a setting, we have overcome it already to a large extent. We consider them so, and that means that it is no longer a part of us. Now we are moving slower or faster it. Where? New patterns of behaviour and a happy life. Great, or?

Free yourself from the role of victim and experience real freedom!

happy life happiness experience free being

As often as possible stay in the fresh air and enough exercise

happy life sport fresh air nature

Yoga is also a recommended strategy

happy life Yoga sport meditation

Do not forget the work-life balance!

happy life work life balance reaching

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