Sunglasses In Autumn? Yes, With The Right Trends In 2016

Sunglasses in the summer of constant companion of many people and protects the eyes against the blinding light of the Sun and UV rays. In midsummer, a pair of sunglasses is essential accessory, but also in the fall, the dark glasses make often still a good figure. And the variety of models of glasses for the autumn 2016 is extremely high to the surprise of many. We present some of the latest trends.

sunglasses in autumn? Yes, with the right trends 2016

Good sunglasses not only protect blinding rays of the Sun where you already instinctively reaches for the tinted glasses. They also offer a UV filter, which prevents the eyes from ultraviolet radiation. This radiation is invisible and does not blind. It also does not directly hurts when it hits your eye. For this reason, sunglasses appears many fall useless, but also in the third season, it prevents the possible long-term effects of intense ultraviolet radiation. High UV radiation can damage the cornea of the eye: – there will be a kind of sunburn on the eye then at worst. That can even lead to a corneal opacity, which restricts the eyesight permanently.

It is however important to ensure that the sunglasses actually has a UV filter. Many cheap eyewear at discount stores have a dark tint, making the light less blinding, but they often do not offer UV protection at least as important. Who’d like to play it safe, can be when purchasing glasses from renowned providers like Fielmann advise. A first indication that sunglasses also has a UV-protection, is the CE mark. With this seal, it is guaranteed that the eyewear meets the European minimum requirements.

In addition to the medical talk even more reasons for wearing a pair of sunglasses in autumn: the deep superior Sun you can disappear, for example, on the road easily, resulting in an increased accident risk in road traffic. In the glove compartment of his car you should always keep a pair of sunglasses. And last but not least, sunglasses of course also suited to hide wrinkles and dark shadows under the eyes after a long night.

The sunglasses trends in autumn 2016

Oversized Sunglasses: Oversized, square glasses give contour large and broad faces, while the corresponding models give an extravagant touch people with rather narrow faces.
Freaky Aviator goggles: Aviator sunglasses are a classic that does not seem to come out of fashion. The autumn variants 2016 sparkle with freaky part, Brown lentils, or double borders made of gold.
Round glass & cat-eye frame: Round hippie glasses were announced in the last few years, especially during the summer and festival season. Now, the round glasses are combined with the cat-eye frames that were also very popular in the past few years. The mix emphasized in particular the feminine side of women and most models are very colourfully decorated.
Black glasses: In the spring, the extremely dark lenses for good reason considered “eye-catcher”. Even if the sun shines less in autumn, glasses with such lenses look continues to class. Especially when combining this bright accessories such as chains. Size and shape are irrelevant here. Mainly dark.
Sunglasses to match the clothes: Red to red, black to black, blue to blue – the matching glasses to the clothes or vice versa is the goggles trend 2016. And it is compatible with the other trends: glasses with dark, round hippie glasses and pink cat-eye frame for example fits a pink Blazer.

Photo credits: Flickr pretty woman with sunglasses Dave Shaver CC BY 2.0 specific rights reserved