Sustainable And Chic: Fashion Jewelry Made Of Rubber

Not only in everyday life, but also in the purchase of jewelery and fashion are topics such as sustainability and environmental protection extremely important. Women and men increasingly pay attention to products that do not harm nature or discriminate against other people. Often, the health aspect also plays an important role, which is why harmless materials are becoming increasingly popular even with fashion jewelry. The optics may not suffer under these special conditions.

Why natural rubber?

Fashionable jewelery made of natural rubber is only produced after a lengthy process. For this purpose, juice is taken from the rubber trees, which in turn is processed into rubber. Because it According to More and more synthetic rubber, women and men should pay attention to the exact origin of the material and only use jewelry made of genuine natural rubber. This is 100% recyclable, feels pleasantly soft on the skin and convinces with its easy-to-process structure. Natural rubber can therefore be used to produce particularly delicate and beautiful pieces of jewelery which are not only available in black but also in other colors.

bracelet fashion jewelry-from-rubber

Earrings made of rubber are pleasantly light

If you are looking for fashion jewelry on the Internet, you will also find a large number of different materials in earrings. Earrings made of natural rubber prove to be advantageous, since they are quite light and do not pull the earlobe down uncomfortably. Therefore, such earrings are particularly interesting for children, because their ears are usually still somewhat more sensitive and react with irritations on too heavy jewelery.

Necklaces, rings and bracelets round off the look

But earrings alone are not the only thing the natural rubber market has to offer today. Bracelets, chains and rings are also becoming increasingly popular with fashion-conscious people. Compared to fashion jewelry made of metal or plastic, which often does not fit properly, natural rubber adapts to the skin. The scope for jewelry design is great. There are both romantic chains with spiral-shaped ornaments as well as bracelets with floral designs. If you like to wear the popular statement chains and want to emphasize your fingers, you have the choice between different natural rubber rings in special shapes: animals, skulls and hearts, then skilfully add your own look.

Pendants heart-natural rubber-costume jewelery-decoration

Boho Feeling with Feathers and Co.

The Boho-Style is not only popular at festivals. Well-dressed and discreet colors are especially popular with women who want to dress naturally and feel comfortable. Again Guide around the Boho look of , Feathers are an important part of this style. Those who do not want to wear genuine or synthetic feathers will find natural rubber jewelry in the same form. This underpainted outfits and stands out from the hitherto known. What is important is that the jewelry does not affect the more natural style. Less is definitely more for the Boho-Style.


Rubber jewelry for noble Gothic styles

Common fashion jewelry is aimed primarily at women who like to be romantic and playful. Real rockers or goth-ladies usually come here too short. The fact that skulls have become increasingly popular as a trend symbol in recent months has, however, brought movement into the offer. Rocky skull headpiece made of rubber Is a sensible opportunity for all those who want to put emphasis on natural materials and look at themselves. Especially in the summer heat and in the crowds of a Rockkonzert, rubber jewelry can be useful, because there are no long followers, which can become entangled or tangled in the hair. Good for the rocking style also fit Nageldesigns in the trend color red ,

Filigree lines and romantic adornments

And it should be very feminine, fine jewelery with wavy lines and fine-figured ornaments is the right choice. The world of plants offers some inspiration, the manufacturers like to use for themselves. Curved sea anemone leaves, algae and patterns, which remind of fine branches, become the real eye-catcher even in particularly romantic outfits with lace, silk and tulle.

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