Sustainable Clothing By Helpsy And The Definition Of Organic Fashion

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The sustainable clothing by Helpsy and the definition of ethical (sustainable) fashion

Helpsy is one of the latest eco-friendly sustainable brands for garments and accessories. Helpsy is now world famous, not only by the great clothes that they produce. The company still committed to a better understanding of sustainable fashion as such.

On the company website you will find an easy-to-understand definition. We represent like it for you on German.

First on the Internet page mentions that the ethical fashion may be defined not to restricted. There are much too many outdated ideas of. There are 13 properties which should ideally have an ethical fashion piece. It is however sufficient if a trade mark has also four of them. Then she can call ethical. As the founder of Helpsy. We are thus not exactly agree.

We think that it should be defined slightly differently: the sustainable fashion should have four of the listed properties at least the first, because they relate to the environment and the protection of animal and human rights. Moreover, the ethical fashion may include other 13 properties.

After this objection, let us so go to the specific topic.

Sustainable clothing by Helpsy

sustainable clothing helpsy myshopify logo

Read including mandatory characteristics of sustainable fashion

sustainable clothing of helpsy eco fashion trends

Fair treatment of animals

The first condition, which should meet a dress production so that she can be regarded as ethical fashion, is the fair treatment of animals. You may not be killed, or cruelly treated in a different manner.

Sustainable fashion is eco-friendly

sustainable clothing sustainable fashion organic trends

Eco-friendly materials

The second property refers to the eco-friendly materials. You should be re-usable after consumption and sustainably produced.

Eco-friendly design

The materials should be used environmentally friendly. To understand what it meant, probably the best on the example of cotton. She may not be dyed with chemicals, since the latter for the health of employees and consumers are harmful. Still they pollute heavily our waters worldwide.

Together we can save our world

sustainable clothing environmental protection fashion save the world

Fair trade

Fair trade also is a part of sustainable fashion. People need to be paid for their work, that they can lead a dignified life in high-quality, no matter where you are in the world.

These are the required elements of sustainable fashion. There are however more that are desirable. More has a production of it, all the more essential contributes to the global positive development.

Hand made clothing

Handmade design is one of the sustainable fashion. It is simply the opposite of mass production that exploits people and their work due to a larger profit, and polluted the environment.

The opposite of mass production

sustainable clothes vegan shoes summer fashion

Use of regional materials

Another characteristic of sustainable fashion is to use local materials. These increase the chances for an eco-friendly production and contribute to welfare have of local manufacturers around the world.

Regional manufacturers

sustainable clothing environmental protection fashion trends

Local production

The production should be produced on-site and there purchased. This gives the consumer the opportunity to assess to what extent a production is sustainable or not. Transportation reduces pollution and the well project is evenly distributed all over the world. Regional traditions are also kept in this type of production and continued.

Production in small quantities

When produced in small amounts, many of the malicious processes that are typical of the mass production eliminates the need. Let’s take the cotton as an example. This is ambushed by many pests and that is why it is quite natural that much of it will be destroyed. This can be avoided only if strong chemicals are used. For this reason they are used for mass production. The environmentally friendly production of cotton, however, dispenses with the chemicals. The end product is in smaller quantities, but that it has a higher, so fair price. The sustainable production of other products works on a similar principle.

The high-quality production

The high quality is an important feature for the sustainable production also. It guarantees that a certain product is used longer and thus the purchase of new will be not necessary.

Organic cotton and high-quality products

sustainable clothing environmental organic cotton fair trade fashion

Contribution to philanthropic projects

Sustainable production should be socially responsible. She should allocate a portion of their profits for this, social projects.


Nachhaltigist this production, which is created from recycled materials themselves.

Reuse of materials

Old objects or parts of this should be recycled to new models of dresses and accessories for the production of these conditions corresponds to.

Recycled fashion

recyclte sustainable clothing fashion fair trade

Vintage and second hand

The real sustainable clothes for many people are still not accessible for the one or the other reason. They are for them too expensive or in its not easy to purchase region. What do you have for an alternative? They behave quite sustainably and ethically, if you buy a second hand. Even if these dresses do not necessarily have been manufactured according to desired criteria, you avoid more fast fashion production by purchasing already manufactured and registered dresses, which are otherwise thrown away.

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