Sustainable Clothing Made Of Bamboo For Your Physical And Mental Well-being!

Sustainable clothing made from bamboo: why should we opt for this instead of cotton

Cotton was long considered the most practical, healthiest and most convenient solution for the production of clothing and textiles that come in everyday directly with our bodies in contact. For several years this notion comes strongly into the oscillation. Only organic cotton meets the aforementioned criteria. Large amounts of pesticides used in any other type of industrial production of the textile. They endanger the health of animals and people who come in the production as well as when in contact with.  Production and processing methods are costly and require plenty of water and other resources. The non-organic production of cotton leads to large amounts of harmful emissions. Bio production can not meet in turn boosting consumer demand. What is there for an alternative? Bamboo for example!

In the following we would describe why this is so.

What is bamboo and why is it environmentally friendly?

bamboo is a grass

Bamboo is proving to be an excellent material for the production of sustainable apparel

sustainable clothing made from bamboo

You should see how strange for some people, bamboo is a species of grass.  He grows very quickly, an average 60 cm per day. The Interior of the bamboo is hollow. The plant has been always of great importance in East – and South-East Asia.

The rapid growth of bamboo needs a few resources.  He needed much smaller amounts of water than the cotton and no pesticides at all. Also, no special care is necessary, because processing requires no use of chemical substances. Bamboo is 100% degradable.

Sustainable clothing – health benefits

We continue with the advantages of bamboo offers for our health. He is non-allergenic and also good for the thermoregulation. Your skin will breathe in the textiles made of bamboo. Let further in detail explain which us.

No risk of mushrooms

No fungi in the socks from bamboo

Bamboo socks do well our skin

men socks bamboo

No fungi and no mold build up on bamboo. So he is now so widely used in the manufacture of socks.

Your skin can breathe

The bamboo will absorb the moisture of your skin. So no bacterial colonies may form and consequently no allergies develop.

Natural deodorant

The textiles made from bamboo seem like a natural deodorant. The fact that they absorb the moisture, no strong odors can be formed. The skin stays dry and cool. This property could be considered also a contribution to environmental protection.  You need which are not as many, or even no chemicals to smell better.

Sustainable clothing – improved circulation

bamboo clothes on sale

The sustainable clothing made of bamboo ensures our health

bamboo clothing sustainable clothing

Scientific studies have shown that the bamboo fibers improve the blood circulation. Its molecules absorb energy from the air and transfer it into the body. You activate the cells and improve the circulation.

Aesthetically appealing

The clothes, underwear, bedding and other products made of bamboo look very appealing from the aesthetic point of view. Also with each contact so that the sensation is pleasant. The purchase of bamboo clothing is also very practical. You will receive your good qualities for a long time.

With the time, bamboo gains more and more importance in the textile industry

bamboo clothes are sustainable

Can relax your skin by wearing bamboo clothes in the strenuous life

bamboo black pants

Chic dresses made of bamboo for those hot summer days

beautiful model for sustainable clothing made from bamboo

Sustainable clothing for special occasions

shorts made of bamboo as a sustainable clothing

Stylish bag made of bamboo

a bamboo bag

Bed linen and bath towels at home help bamboo to your well-being

bamboo sustainable clothes in white

sheets of bamboo for a beautiful sleep

pillow soft and comfortable bamboo

sustainable clothing made of bamboo textile

soft colourful bath towels bamboo