Sustainable Clothing: We Reveal 4 Myths About

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Myths about the sustainable clothing, which you should not believe

The theme of environment and sustainable fashion is super modern lately. Whether this updates is the setting of the public on the subject, is extremely doubtful. Often wrong information in public is disseminated.

Sustainable fashion

sustainable clothing trend what is sustainable fashion

It is the responsibility of us all to love fashion and to move forward and gain more clarity in this area. We plan to also, that’s why we publish some articles on this topic.

Eco-fashion is not just a trend

sustainable clothing myths reveal sustainable fashion properties

Would you like to know what are the common myths, which people quite incorrectly associate with the term sustainable fashion? Here follows a list of typical, misunderstood myths about sustainable clothing.

Do you want to be environmentally friendly and sustainable living?

sustainable clothing myths reveal green fashion sustainable living

Myth No. 1: Eco-friendly clothing is expensive

In recent years, designers like to work on sustainable clothing and more and more companies produce such garments. The demand also. As a result, the necessary conditions for the dissemination of sustainable fashion formed naturally.

There are brands that were created with the idea to offer sustainable fashion. Those are positive, Patagonia, picture organic for example Earth. But there are also others who already longer exist and have converted to the sustainable trend.

Sustainable fashion is inexpensive

sustainable clothing myths reveal sustainable fashion

Certainly this applies quite not their whole range, but some models – and you are provided with the corresponding characters.

Eco-friendly fashion is there on the Internet to buy and this is an additional relief for consumers. There you can get, well, cheaper it like all other goods.

Myth No. 2: The sustainable fashion doesn’t look good

This is a very common, another myth. The eco mode is not uncomfortable or ugly. On the contrary: combines the best of the innovation in itself immediately and provides us with clothes that are beautiful, very healthy and do this yet easy to maintain.

In Europe, the organic dress production is already more and more the rule and she has really good to offer.

Ethics + aesthetics = sustainable fashion

sustainable clothing myths reveal what is sustainable fashion

Myth No. 3: Sustainable clothes shopping doesn’t help our planet anyway

Yes, it makes a difference for our planet, whether or not you purchase sustainable clothing. But change takes time. Never underestimate the importance of the good example. The simple buyer, which time and again in recent years for choosing sustainable clothing, are those which have ensured that we can now talk about a significant trend.

The biggest proof is that the manufacturers of fast-fashion participate already.

We can save the world!

sustainable clothing myths reveal sustainable fashion trend

Environmental friendliness

sustainable clothing what is sustainable fashion

Myth No. 4: The sustainable fashion is no different in quality from the other

This is another false assumption. The sustainable fashion is basically qualitative than the others. It is this even healthier, because it has not been processed with harmful chemicals.

Usually works this industry with natural textiles, which also ensure that your skin breathes well and is also healthier.

Do value the quality!

sustainable clothing myths reveal green fashion

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