Sustainable Consumption As Put I A The Success?

What does sustainable consumption mean and what is it different

The consumer is a very essential element of the modern economy. We, consumers have the floor, what more is being produced and what is not. Yes, we are indeed manipulated by advertising and to buy things we don’t really need. We do that because they are fashionable, because we want to meet our needs of emotions in everyday life thus, or because we were really convinced that certain products are absolutely necessary for our high standard of living.

However, resist the manipulation and to develop the necessary competencies to distinguish sustainable products, from other you can contribute very much to the positive development of our world as a consumer. There are simple rules, which in everyday life can apply, so you behave more environmentally friendly and select always healthy products for yourself and your family. We present just some of the most important of them.

Their sustainable consumption should begin today

sustainable consumption Bread bakery

Buy a possible regional

sustainable consumption Bread bakery regional asparagus

The water in glass bottles

sustainable consumption Bread bakery regional water in the glass

Read the Produktbezeichnugen on the label

The first thing that we should learn as a consumer is to read product labels carefully. So we can find out, first of all, how much natural and how much artificial ingredients contained inside. You also learn more about the origin of the product. Any modern person knows what it takes to… A jam, which consists of 70% fruit, is much healthier than this one, which has been made mainly from artificial substitutes. Even if the price is higher, every customer who wants to stay healthy, should opt for the first option.

From the region and also depending on the season

sustainable consumption Bread bakery regional all

Another typical example is with the clothes. Of course, a low-cost product that was produced in China, emerged at the expense of health and sometimes the life of cheap labor in the far East. Rather choose something that has been established in your region or comes from approved manufacturers for fair trade.

The origin of the eggs is particularly important

sustainable consumption Bread bakery regional eggs

The German asparagus tastes the best

sustainable consumption Bread bakery regional spargel2

Make sure you buy authentic merchandise

There are good, established brands that already have won us over, which offer sustainable quality. And there are a number of company, mimicking their brand qualities. It happens in many bulk stores. Look carefully, whether you get a real fire-ware, and not something which looks so.

In small and local businesses get inventories

sustainable consumption Bread bakery made a regional

Follow discussions on the Internet and in the media about sustainable shopping

Sustainable products and sustainable shopping are topics that get more and more people. There are many discussions about it on the Internet and in other media. There are purely theoretical dispute or feedback on specific products. Critical reading through everything. There are unfortunately also company employees, which introduced to consumers, but actually hidden advertising in the forums. Trust your own sense of what is real and who is trying to manipulate you.

The sustainable consumption makes sense if it is also operated by the next generation

sustainable consumption Bread bakery regional education

Share also your experiences in the Forum. So help yourself and other buyer to make more sustainable choices.

Buy so much that in local shops

It is to go a lot faster to the supermarket and there cheap and at once to buy everything. If you go to the local shops, you invest a little more time, but you will soon notice that you get better quality for the same money. In addition, the goods are no matter whether it is food or clothing, there much more original. The probability that the purchased goods at the expense of cheap labor has been produced, is relatively small. The vegetable and the fruit on the market are no matter whether organic wear or not the label fresher and probably ecological than this in the grocery store.

Check to see what grows in your area and matures

sustainable consumption Bread bakery made a regional

Etepetete to be quiet, if it’s good for the environment

sustainable consumption Bread bakery regional fancy

Bring your own shopping bags with it!

Shopping bags are a true celebration of the world plastic because they look insignificantly, but do great harm. Keep always a fabric bag with him! It takes space and Carl looks as the plastic shopping bags. And why must you spend any additional money for plastic bags?

Buy the daily bread at the bakery around the corner

sustainable consumption Bread bakery regional bread

The fresh milk should come directly from the manufacturer

sustainable consumption Bread bakery regional glass bottle

Reuse many things, as far as it is possible

By second hand buy or reuse things, make fast fashion of less profitable for its manufacturers. Don’t throw away the old clothes, but fix them. The old furniture set into the garden or make new DIY works from these.

Organic clothing is too expensive to you?- and what about flea market?

sustainable consumption Bread bakery regional flea market

Perhaps you rather buy your brand goods in a Second-Hand shop? This is also a pretty ethical behavior.

With a little practice and basic knowledge, you can significantly change your consumer behavior. And you should not think that this makes no difference. We observe how sustainable consumption slowly but surely develop and grow in the last few years and he is supported by rational buyers. Whether you do it because it of fashionable, or you are already convinced, in both cases you do something good your environment and the generation growing up.

Cycling to the next farm, the environment and the local economy keeps you fit and support

sustainable consumption Bread bakery regional potatoes

Sausage and cheese taste better if you buy them on the market

sustainable consumption Bread bakery regional cheese sausageprefer homemade stuff

sustainable consumption Bread bakery regional country good

Supermarkt-prefer necklaces with intelligent policies

sustainable consumption Bread bakery regional arabtec

Tend to go the tradition on the weekly market

sustainable consumption Bread bakery regional water in the glass