Sustainable Consumption – Important Tips For Environmental Protection In Everyday Life

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What is environmental protection in our everyday lives?

What is environmental protection, everyone generally knows that now. The topic is very timely, and many of us like to look for an exact definition.

You will find much to this topic – where you can study environmental protection, how, etc. to find a job in this area There is yet still very little information about how you can protect the environment as a simple person in everyday life. What is environmental protection, when it comes to our everyday habits? What is it doing there? There are some rules that we know. Others must be made increasingly more popular mind. Here we would like to draw your attention on six products, you should reconsider. Sustainable consumption means responsibility and be fair to the environment and health.

Coffee capsules

First some information about it. Do know that it is an invention of the American company Keurig. The single-use capsules are very convenient for the consumer. But you are a prerequisite for the pollution. The packaging consists of two parts and so that you processing, you must separate them into two.

Hamburg is the first city worldwide, which has forbidden the use of coffee capsules in the territory of the municipality.

Sustainable consumption should become priority No. 1

sustainable consumption of coffee capsule environmental waste separation

Enjoy your coffee with a good conscience!

eco-friendly, sustainable consumption coffee drink espresso

Anti-bacterial SOAP

Each piece of anti-bacterial SOAP contains the ingredient triclosan. Thus they destroyed effectively all kinds of bacteria. But the foam of this SOAP is bad for the environment. This mixes with the water and heavy can be separately. The foam of the anti-bacterial SOAP finally enters the sea and kills not only the bacteria… It is also a part of our drinking water.

Prefer organic SOAP and teach your children this habit

sustainable consumption anti bacterial SOAP to avoid bio alternative search

Anti-bacterial soaps are not necessarily made from chemicals

sustainable consumption anti bacterial SOAP wash hands

Baby diapers

The baby diapers are something you actually do without. However, these affect the environment negatively in varied ways. From baby diapers, annually approximately 3.5 tonnes are garbage. On the one hand, this means more resources for their production. But there’s something else – the gel layer, which absorbs the liquid, is very toxic with time. So, the detrimental effect of the diapers on the environment lasts for about 500 years. So long, the baby diapers need to resolve.

Organic cotton nappies are increasingly popular among young mothers and babies

sustainable consumption baby diaper organic reusable

Micro grains in cosmetics

Micro grains are located in many cosmetics, such as peeling and tooth paste. The idea is that they penetrate further inside through the upper layer of the skin. Reduce that microbes and the dead cells.

When washing but collected around all kinds of microbes and toxins to. It forms a concentrated noxious mass which then contaminates our drinking water and the Earth.

Consider what alternative to conventional cosmetics in question could come

sustainable consumption of cosmetic means micro grains organic cosmetics

The same is true for your makeup

sustainable consumption of make of means of cosmetics up micro grains

Disposable razors

This is another product that difficult again can edit. The blades are made of metal and the handles – plastic. Like the coffee capsules you must separate also it, to handle it again.

Also they are often discarded because of poor quality and thus they produce just more garbage.

If you want to buy a disposable razors next time, you should perhaps just leave it alone, or?

sustainable consumption of einwegrasierer plastic metal

Paper cups

The paper cups heavily pollute the environment. They are not only made of paper to be machined easily, as many people think. Otherwise, they would fall apart in our hands. So, you’re made of two materials. You can be bad again and for about 20 years, to resolve on the trash heap.

Creative idea for a party light chain from paper cups

light chain yourself tinker with children make eco-friendly ideas

Paper cups are also suitable for tinkering with children simply excellent

tinker with children of paper cups coffee cupsdiy ideas tinker with children Easter paper cups

Prefer always the organic cosmetics!

diy bio cosmetics healthy eco-friendly skin care

Learn how to make anti-bacterial organic SOAP yourself

diy ideas make Lavender SOAP itself environmentally friendly anti bacterial

sustainable consumption anti bacterial SOAP natural organic eco-friendly

Allow only soft organic cotton on your baby’s delicate skin

sustainable consumption organic cotton eco baby diaper

Instead of the disposable razors, use always the electric!

sustainable consumption einwegrasierer avoid

Or you get the well proven, traditional manner

razor handmade sustainable shave environmentally friendly

There are also refillable coffee capsules on the market

sustainable consumption coffee capsule aufffüllbar unweltfreundlich Act

sustainable consumption of coffee coffee capsule stainless steel auffüllbar

With the conventional coffee capsules can be make beautiful refrigerator magnets – found on Etsy

sustainable consumption of coffee capsule upcycling ideas of dekoartikel animals etsy Fridge Magnet

You can tinker also stylish decorative pendant itself from this

sustainable consumption of coffee capsule upcycling ideas pendant decoration

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