Sustainable Fashion Theory And Practice

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Sustainable fashion in everyday life

In the first part of the article with the same title, we have explained why it is so difficult to choose quickly and effectively sustainable fashion. We are inundated with information and it is really difficult to distinguish what is good and what is bad.

You do not “drown in this information overload”, you need bases. We offer you the following them.

Make your priorities clear

You must specify clearly your permanent priorities. What are the factors that determine your personal style? If you have a clear answer to the latter question, the temptation to buy a super fashionable clothes for the current season, will be not so great.

Sustainable fashion, sustainable future

sustainable fashion vegan organic clothing fashion eco-friendly

You need to have really the latest pattern on your bathing suit, to feel attractive and enjoy the summer? Or be sure to be noticed? Or rather, spend your summer holidays in good health, with a clear conscience and put on your natural beauty? Believe us: the second type of setting brings one in the long run more fun in life!

And she is right!

The sustainable fashion by Vivienne Westwood asserts itself

sustainable fashion vegan organic clothing fashion ethical fashion

What properties of the dresses are most important for you?

Logically, we connect this question to the previous one. What is important to you than on clothes?  Should they be eco-friendly, feel comfortable, have colors that really emphasize your individuality and personal beauty? If it is more important to you to wear the latest patterns that exist on the market, then you are on the right path towards the sustainable fashion.

Be well informed thanks to the Internet

vegan sustainable fashion fashion ethical fashion regional

The change begins in the head

sustainable fashion vegan organic clothing fashion recycling

For himself, understand what means sustainable fashion at all

In the first part of the article, we have said that the sustainable fashion, ethical fashion is called, is a generic term. How much you understand is to some extent a personal point of view. For most people ‘sustainable’, means that fashion is eco-friendly. She’s protecting animals and people who work in the textile factories, they are well paid for their work.  And most recently is this fashion good for one’s health. It can be, that only some of these aspects are important for you. Determine that for themselves! Maybe it’s not so important that the fashion is vegan if it meets all other conditions…

Read the label carefully

sustainable fashion vegan organic clothing fashion label

Learn to buy well in the Internet

Internet is the best source for consumers who prefer sustainable fashion at the moment. You easily keep track and can directly purchase products from around the world. The Internet provides a relatively equal access to the market for all providers and facilitates the search for the desired goods.

While the big chains, which offer en masse almost fashion, are here of course very well. On the other hand, however, there are the platforms, which the topic sustainable fashion in general are dedicated. They offer also products from this area and connect the small providers with consumers on fair terms.

Find out how your clothes are made

sustainable fashion vegan organic clothing fashion origin

Shopping in small shops

If you prefer try the clothes personally and like to shop in the city, then go to small businesses. It can be that they not specifically of sustainable fashion are dedicated to. Personally, you can find out there but more how and where a certain piece of clothing was produced. If it has been sewn or knit in your area, and it was created with materials not produced by human or animal exploitation, then you have a sustainable fashion piece, although it was not explicitly advertised this term!

The prominence is already good sound

sustainable fashion vegan organic clothing fashion circuit head

The future is sustainable and intelligent

sustainable fashion vegan organic clothing fashion eco-friendly exemplary

Second hand is super

The really good and expensive brands are most sustainably produced. Mass production does not come here in question and thus the need for the exploitation and pollution which accompanies the production of fast fashion is settled. If you buy a like to second-hand brand clothes, then they behave basically quite persistent. If it makes you fun, then there’s no reason to stop!

Many leading brands to make your company policy

sustainable fashion vegan organic clothing fashion sustainable advertising

The ethics again returns to the people

sustainable fashion vegan organic clothing fashion slogan

Finally we want to dissuade you from perfectionism: dresses are ideal when we feel good in it, and not if they meet all formal criteria. The pure conscience is part of the well-being. And the health aspect also. And one last tip: If you can just not necessarily buy a sustainable piece, then you go for at least the best possible quality. Usually this can be not offered by fast fashion. If you so prefer quality over cheap price, then they behave basically already sustainably.

To promote sustainable fashion is good

sustainable fashion vegan organic clothing fashion eco-friendly johnny depp

Sustainable children’s clothing is a great value set

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