Tea Effect: Teas And Its Curative Effect

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The toning properties of tea

Tea is one of the oldest drinks, that exist in the world. His home country is China. But over the years he has conquered virtually the whole world. He has become popular for many different reasons. One is, of course, the toning properties. The tea has a lot of useful ingredients.

The healing tea effects

healthy life effect Tea Cup

Caffeine stimulates the nervous system. Theophylin has the ability to make wider blood vessels. Theobromine is good for the drainage of the body. Polyphenol is very similar to this in red wine. He will stop the aging of cells and reduces the amount of cholesterol.

Tea is one of the world’s oldest drinks

tea drinking cup flower herbal tea Kamilentee

It has many different kinds of tea. They divided into the following groups: black, green and white.

The effect of green tea

green tea effect Cup green lemon sugar

The black tea is very strong and has the highest amount of caffeine. The leaves have gone through a process of fermentation. It can be dry or be smoky.

The strong and caffeinated black tea

tea effect healthy Cup teapot

The leaves of green tea are undermined any process of fermentation. They are baked or simply dried. The flavor is very delicate and raised. People who suffer from high blood pressure, should dedicate themselves to especially this type of tea drinking. Vitamin P and vitamin C abstain here plenty. In combination, they cause that the capillaries are stronger. The own thinking ability and memory can be strengthened so that with regular use. Due to the large amount of antioxidants to protect against cancer. It is also important that the metabolism and thus also the processing of fats will work better. In General, you would thus strengthen your immune system. Because of all of the listed good reasons, the green tea finds widespread use in cosmetics. Especially in the products against cellulite, he finds a usage.

Japanese green tea

Japanese green tea drinking cup green lemon sugar

The white tea has been edited at least. The leaves were just lightly dried. The taste is very light and gentle. All these varieties can be enjoyed cold as well as warm.

White tea effects

white tea effect cup lemon mint tea pot

Large amount of antioxidants in the tea

tea drinking cup of oolong tea

Chamomile tea

tea drinking cup flower herbs healthy Kamilentee

Health directly from nature

white tea effect Cup flower herbs healthy life

Cook herbal tea and hot drink

green tea effect tea rituals around the world

Indian tea with spices and milk

Indian tea drinking cup of herbal tea Indian spices

Drinking tea -an afternoon ritual

coffee or tea drinking cup tea pot Candy Cake cookies

Lavender tea

Lavender tea effect herbal tea drink

Fruit tea comes in question

black tea effect English tea with milk

Tea with delicious lubrication sandwiches for the hungry

tea effect English tea with lubrication buns

Black tea with milk – an English tradition spreads around the world

tea effect In the Orient of black tea with milk

The famous English Twiggy for tea

tea effect English tea Twiggy

Moroccan tea with Mint

tea effect In the Orient black tea with Mint Morocco

Inspiration from the Orient

tea effect In the Orient black tea effect

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