The Alkaline Diet And The Acid – Base Balance

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Alkaline nutrition – checklist

The health experts increasingly draw our attention to the importance of the deacidification of our body. We achieve this through the consumption of so-called Basic or alkaline foods.

Almost all vegetables are alkaline food

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Why is the neutralisation it so important to?

The reason for many poor health conditions is the disturbed PH balance in our bodies. What does that mean in practice? The PH in our blood must be under 7,35. This limit is exceeded for most of us, because we eat much too little alkaline and too many acidic foods.

The green vegetable is particularly alkaline

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By a better knowledge about food and about the increased consumption of base-forming foods, you can achieve the desired balance again.

Pears are good for the body as well as for the soul

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Alkaline vegetables

Vegetable is basically an alkaline food. We want to make this yet attention on some varieties. These help the de-acidification of the body particularly effectively. The ‘master’ in this respect are spinach, broccoli and kale. Cauliflower and cabbage are also super effective.

Spinach and cucumber, you can extract your body good

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All these varieties are easy to find even in the cold seasons.

Still, we wish to highlight the cucumbers under the alkaline foods.

Root vegetables in the Pan or as a salad complements perfectly your daily menu

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Basic winter vegetables

Among the popular places of root vegetables, there are also some valuable alkaline foods. These are carrots, beet and horseradish. They are the perfect support for the immune system. As soon as spring arrives, we should eat as many fresh radishes possible. So you are after winter Detox right much faster your body.

Take advantage of the so-called salad of toppings

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More alkaline foods in the vegetables

Here are now some kinds of vegetables, which successfully extract the organism. These are recommended us anyway often. One of the reasons is that it is alkaline foods. These are garlic, parsley, as well as various germs.

Light vegetable soups are the perfect dinner

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Slightly less alkaline and yet belonging to the important alkaline foods are: onion, green beans, soy and pepper.

Red beet should not be missed especially in winter

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You can eat so many lemons as you want. These are one of the most effective alkaline diets. Also grapefruit, avocado, bananas are alkaline foods among the fruits.

The food, what your appetite is really healthy

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The dry fruits are also alkaline.

Cereals and rice are nutritious and purify well

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Alkaline food among the spices

Have you heard of the Cayenne Pepper? He is well known for its antibacterial properties. Still it’s source to an important vitamin A. This is a very effective for de-acidification of the body.

Eat lots of avocado and coconut

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Sushi is also good for nutrition-conscious

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Stevia also belongs to the important alkaline foods, as noc honey herb

Eat many fruits according to the season

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h is known. The molasses is an another alkaline food. You can use the molasses in the jaws of sweets. Not just leave them aside.

Smoothies and freshly squeezed juices would be a good change of pace

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What are the acidic foods that we eat too much?

Now you know what you should be eating in large quantities, so that you extract your body. Here are some products that have the opposite effect. There are many among them who are widely used.

Complete your alkaline diet by various oils

alkaline diet acid bases compensation


alkaline diet acid bases alkaline food

You should eat them in small quantities and preferably in combination with alkaline foods.

These are mainly sugar, white flour and white rice. Those are also the soy sauce, the cocoa, oranges, apples. You must not overdo it continues with the meat and the eggs. Coffee and alcohol are highly acidic.

Eat consciously and at rest

alkaline diet acid bases compensation

Yes you have to learn to like avocados

alkaline diet acid bases avocado

Removal and alkaline diet

The alkaline diet supports us, when we want to lose weight. The body tries to protect us from the acids by fatty. For this reason we rise faster with the excessive consumption of acidic foods.

When an alkaline diet should pay attention to your thoughts and word choice

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It is not only important what you eat, but also how you eat

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