The Bar Code Scanner – Interesting Facts And Practical Tips

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What should you do about bar code scanner know?

The first the scanned product in 1974 in a supermarket in Ohio is been a while since you and the bar code scanners have evolved tremendously since then of course. Nowadays we can hardly imagine our life without electronic machines, computers and Smartphones, and although we have perhaps not really thought this would be without the bar code scanner virtually impossible. As in the thin and thick lines of each barcode is the extremely important information of products, without which the economy and trade, as we know them, were not able to work properly. Recently joined to the 1D-Code (one-dimensional) also the 2D (two-dimensional). The most famous of which – the QR code that has already a fairly broad range of applications and is of fundamental importance for the marketing and the new information technologies.

The bar code technology was invented in particular with regard to the Elimination of errors during data entry. At the same time, this streamlines work processes and save costs in the product labeling. Therefore proves to be the correct bar code scanner as essential not only for the inventory, but also in General for the daily operations in all sectors of the economy.

How does a barcode scanner work?

This so useful data acquisition device used mainly light (LED or laser), to visually scan the bar code. In particular, the contrast between the dashes and the gaps of the code it is important, this must be optimally detected by the scanner. In addition a so-called peace zone around the bar code should be considered around, because it improves the readability of your code from the scanner in addition.

Basically, how is all bar code scanner right. A sensor detects the barcode and the stored information is read using a decoder.

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Different types of bar code scanners

Bar code scanner can be wired as well as wireless. In the second case, the data transfer happens thanks to a wireless or Bluetooth. Often called radio scanner used, by postal and package services in logistics or at gas stations and cash register systems in the Department stores. Three of the most important and most commonly used barcode scanners are:

LED-bar code scanner

These scanners are also CCD barcode scanner called and are relatively inexpensive and easy to set. You are not suitable but for reading QR codes, but for all standard 1 d of barcodes. Here, the sensor, which actually consists of a strip of light-sensitive cells, which absorb the reflected light plays a fundamental role.

Laser barcode scanner

These scanners cause instead of red light, laser beams in game. The special optical system takes them above the bar code and also reflected light is registered, converted, and then evaluated the information by the photodiode. Here a distinction between linear (with only one laser line) and omnidirectional (with several laser lines), as well as such scanners, which are equipped with a linear grid. The last are most at least sensitive and secure even when slightly damaged bar codes a perfect scan. Also the orientation of the scanner does not matter more as with the linear bar code scanner, where it takes a 90-degree angle between strokes and beam scanning.

Camera and cell phone scanner

Such bar code scanners are called also 2D scanners, because thus read especially the two-dimensional codes, such as for example the QR codes. Here almost shot an image which is stored and converted into information through the appropriate software.

Develop innovative technologies also bar code scanner constantly continue and are always more powerful and multifunctional. They are also integrated into the ultra modern, mobile computer and can read already all kinds of codes. Bar code scanner at a whole new level!

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What should you when purchasing the right bar code scanner note

A very important point in the purchase of the appropriate bar code scanner is the range of the device. In which field are you active? How often and where used the scanner? What will be there about usual for a scan volume? In addition, the new device in any case with the your company’s computer system should be compatible.

This set also always great value on professional advice and proven brand quality! Renowned provider not only before, but also online, offer a wide range of bar code scanners, including batteries and matching accessories available. On for example, you will find high-quality brand equipment of renowned brands such as Zebra, Datalogic, code and Honeywell, which offer not only high performance and precision, but also a satisfactory value for money.

Leave the efficiency and success of your business to chance! Find the right bar code scanner today and facilitate the daily work of your employees!

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