The Feeling After The Vibration Plate Test – Shaken, Not Stirred

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Functions and effects on the vibration plate test

The desire for physical fitness, combined with a fast paced lifestyle and sufficient time for extensive regular sporting activity, the largest are the lack of innovation drivers of the booming fitness industry. Not only fitness studios, with always new and innovative training methods, shooting from the ground of every small town, above all, the range of exercise equipment for home use is growing steadily. Long the body-conscious home users not only with a simple fitness bike, but it requires modern and professional equipment will find their way in his home gym.

One of the most popular training devices, which is gaining in popularity in recent years is the vibrating plate.  The basic technique is known for almost 150 years, but a rapid modernization and dissemination of the unit took place only in the last 20 years.

vibration plate test6

Those who are interested in a vibrating plate, faces a huge selection of different models. An insight in the basic method and its technical implementation in individual device types and models, forms the basis for a satisfactory and sensible purchasing decision. So that you do not annoy after the purchase, you should carefully consider which brand you prefer.

We recommend a detailed look at relevant vibration plates to throw test portals and to compare the presented models. Detailed information in advance in retrospect saves time and trouble.

Who has worked once with a hammer drill or even with a vibrating plate from the streets – or horticulture (or watched at least at work), got safely throughout the body to detect the vibration generated by the devices.

According to this principle, the vibrating plate is designed for fitness. As the name suggests, it is a vibrating plate. The training effect and the intensity of the exercises is increased due to the vibration and reduces the physical effort.

vibration plate test1

The vibrations and rotations of the plate have a pleasant effect on bones and muscles, which naturally stretch and move. The effect should be so positive that it will be prescribed even osteoporosis preventive properties.

Equipment and options

Basically, two types of vibration plates can be distinguished: great with pedestal and compact devices without such. Models with column are a generally much more resilient in terms of maximum body weight of the user, on the other hand the column with handles attached, serves as a useful training aid.

Devices without pedestal are mostly geared to a maximum weight of up to approximately 100 kilograms. The devices are much smaller, visually reminding a somewhat enlarged shape a bathroom scale and can be stowed away comfortably. To enable meaningful exercises, individual models with side elastic exercise bands with handles are equipped, which should simplify the upcoming training.

vibration plate test2

Characteristics and operational details

When comparing, it turns out that not all vibration plates have the same vibrations. You should make sure not only how much it vibrates, but also how they ever vibrates. As a result, we distinguish the following criteria or vibration modes:

Vibration frequency

Direction of oscillation

Deflection range (amplitude)

The frequency in which the plate swinging, determined the effect to be achieved on the muscles. It is located between 5 and 60 moves per minute. While individual models first and foremost by the option manually to regulate the speed differ.

vibration plate test4

While simple models have no or very few speed levels, vibration frequency of expensive models can be adjusted often very fragmented. Also, many models have special training programs that automatically adjust for example the vibration frequency.

At the direction of oscillation, the choice between a vertical and a horizontal movement is depending on the model. One speaks here of vertical vibrating systems, which moves the plate from top to bottom. The systems that move from front to back and simulate a human corridor are page-alterierend. The systems that combine both the first and the second movement types is called 3D.

The different directions of vibration also differ in the maximum frequency associated. Page alterierende systems oscillate between 5 and 35 Hertz, vertical vibrating plate can reach between 20 and 60 Hertz.

vibration plate test7

The width of the rash is typically only a few millimeters, and here, too, differences in individual models can have impact on the optimal training effect.

The damping is a crucial comfort criterion when selecting a vibration plate. Just when a device should be used privately in a rented flat, a close look at the implementation here is advisable. A not or not sufficiently damped model transmits the vibration to the ground under the device and can lead to disturbing noise, so if necessary, also in underlying spaces. Manufacturers are working here with various systems, whose Effizienz last but not least is directly related with the acquisition cost.

vibration plate test3

vibration plate test5

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