The Fight Against Burglars – You Can Do This

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The fight against burglars

The increase in crime worries these days many people. In particular the growing number of burglaries in flats and houses is frightening, apart from the low rate of the enlightenment. The police are powerless in many cases. Preventive work is hardly possible, the examination of many cases runs into the sand. The citizens access therefore more and more for self-protection, to defend themselves against the thief. The security companies are currently booming, also online companies such as sell in high security facilities. However, the citizens can contribute much themselves, to protect themselves against burglars.

Organize self-defense

Whether urban regions or the rural area – the burglary cases are piling up dramatically in recent years and bring concerned citizens to the brink of existence. Addition there are traumas which are difficult to cure. The police have unfortunately often capitulate, the detection rate is slumps in the nationwide average at just under 15 percent. A large proportion of those affected unfortunately never see again his property. The citizen is therefore required to ensure to prevent burglars to enter themselves for the protection of his home. The possibilities are manifold.

fight against burglars self-protection

Pinpoint security risks

It must be not necessarily equally massive armored doors, ball-proof glass for the Windows, and integrated panic rooms to feel at home safe and protect his property. Sure, it is always safest to professional protection, but there are some measures that can even be made without the right help the professionals. Even though a prolonged holiday in the apartment or the House can be secured without that it is striking. Firstly, to locate the security risks that exist around the House. These go far beyond unlocked doors and flipped window also, especially if you out of town.

A good relationship with the neighborhood is worth gold

Burglars usually don’t just spontaneously go into houses and apartments, but watching this some time, to exclude potential risks at the quarry. The mailbox fills up after a few days, so that newspapers and letters from the wallet to look out, this is a sure sign that for a long time nobody is in the House. Such a letter box acts like an invitation for burglars. If there is a good relationship with the neighborhood, this can be changed if helpful neighbors agreeing to empty the mailbox regularly, to store the post with him and General occasionally to look after the rights. Otherwise the storage service of the post will help. A good relationship with the neighborhood is however not gold weight in that nothing deters more burglar, as curious neighbors.

Electronic helpers for light and TV

A further invitation is no light in the House is burning for several days or even during the day the shutters were let down are open at night. These are not an obstacle for savvy burglars. It is better to let the blinds open during the day and to ask a neighbor, to close them at night. To make the House appear more lively, a timer can ensure that individual rooms from time to time the light comes on. It’s even more effective if devices such as, for example, a current TV through the window to identify and simulate so the presence of the inhabitants. While the TV must not really be made. The occupants of that that simulates the typical flickering of a current TV provide a TV Simulator from Thanks to the colored LED lights, these devices consume little power, a timer will ensure that the TV simulators are not permanently, which would in turn striking.

Security for savvy home improvement

Experienced craftsmen can do a little more to protect their home from burglars. Who can handle a little with the hammer drill is able to protect his house, with bars on the Windows in the ground floor. Also alarms from offer protection. This suitable alarm systems, which give a penetrating tone, especially for apartments and also deter houses with a numerous neighborhood, as they the burglar, who is already under time pressure. In remote regions, silent alarms are useful, because they alert the security services or the police of radio, where the culprit weighs in at security because he does not recognize the alert.

The video surveillance

To the investigation of a burglary, it is also a good idea to install a video surveillance as it is available in shops like Again, this is no problem for experienced craftsmen. The cameras are easy on sensitive areas, as unreachable, installed, where should the devices do not at first glance to recognize, since this may be a sign for burglars, that valuable booty to be backed up care. Many modern devices send the records in real time on the PC, so that you have at any time sensitive places in the field of vision, even at the Office. However, the regulations should be observed when installing the video cameras which areas may be privately filmed and monitored. Shops such as offer suitable products.

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