The Infrared Heater: For Cozy Warmth And A Modern Wall Design

A cozy interior not only lives from a coherent color concept and decorative highlights. While modern furniture and a well-thought-out choice of colors contribute to a harmonious image, other senses need to be addressed for a proper feel-good atmosphere. Be it with scented candles, which create an atmospheric ambience with their fine touch. Or through the deliberate use of sound in the form of soothing music and a babbling fountain. Above all, a component should not be neglected in the design of the room: the ideal climate. Because it is too hot or cold, you feel quickly uncomfortable. A cozy temperature is needed to create an atmosphere of relaxation and to turn a simple house or apartment into a real home. A heat source that combines a modern wall design with a soothing warmth, for example the infrared heater , Find out here what this innovative heating is all about, which models are available and how best to use them in every room of your home.

Sun-like warmth everywhere in the house: The purposeful functioning of an infrared heater

Thanks to infrared heating, you can say goodbye to dry, dusty heating air. Because in contrast to a conventional convection heating infrared heaters do not work by heating the air. Instead, they spoil the people in the room with direct heat. But how does it work? The advanced electric heater releases heat waves that hit your skin and cause the molecules to vibrate. For you, the gentle infrared rays in the form of a pleasant heat noticeable, which spreads in the body. Quite natural – like summery sunbeams.

The fact that an infrared heater does not stir up dust during heating results in a very pleasant air quality. In addition, the warming rays are absorbed by all surfaces and walls in the room and re-radiated, creating a comprehensive heat effect from all sides. Very efficient, especially when you consider that for a noticeable increase in temperature, the entire room air does not have to be heated first. This saves electricity and costs during the heating process. Above all, the combination of an infrared radiator with a programmable thermostat helps you to save heating costs, because the heaters only work when you are really at home.

Infrared heating therefore contributes to a comfortable climate on the basis of several advantages. How the innovative heaters support a modern wall design can be found in the next sections.

Beautiful infrared heating models for a modern wall design in the bathroom

Especially in the bathroom you benefit from the innovative functionality of an infrared heater. Because the direct radiant heat keeps the wall nice and dry despite the high humidity. This will prevent the formation of condensation and reduce the risk of mold formation. But also as a noble decoration infrared heaters in the bathroom allow a modern wall design. Especially for bathroom use, one or the other radiator design has been designed so that you can not only design the space with the help of tiles and other wall coverings.

Infrared heating mirror : A mirror is considered a popular design element in the world of interior design. In addition to the practical benefits of self-reflection, which is especially helpful in beauty care in the bathroom, mirrors offer another decorative advantage. By placing them on the wall, an artificial depth effect is achieved. Infrared heating mirrors make the bathroom look much bigger and more spacious. Infrared mirror heaters are not only designed for a modern wall design, but also influence the whole effect of the room. Different offers with or without frame and LED light allow even more individual adjustment of the heaters to the existing device and bathroom fittings. Another advantage of the efficient electric heating in the bathroom is that its surface never fogs up due to the heating effect of the heating system. Thanks to infrared heating, you always enjoy a clear view of your reflection. Despite their slender, decorative design, infrared mirrors offer impressive heating performance and, as independent heating, provide cozy warmth in the bathroom.

Infrared towel dryer : Classic infrared heaters in white glass or metal are mounted on the wall or ceiling as elegant, space saving heat sources. If you want to go one step further and use it to conjure up multifunctional accessories for the bathroom, you can do so with the help of special towel rails. After all, good manufacturers offer metal rods for their heaters, which are specially made for installation at the rear of the product. With a few screws, the towel rails can be easily attached and you can enjoy cuddly warm, dry bath towels after every shower. The modern wall design in this case is less in the optical design of the infrared heater, but rather in the innovative multifunctionality of the products.

An infrared heater image for a little color at the living room & bedroom wall

A room is especially cozy when it is decorated in a personal style. Items with a unique background that awaken memories and animate storytelling bring life to your home. This approach is followed by infrared image heaters for a modern wall design. Because they can be printed with any motif or image of your choice. Make your wall a personal photo album and share cherished memories with your friends and visitors. The clou? The camouflaged heaters look like ordinary murals. Although the flat infrared heaters do not look at their high heat output, they provide whole rooms with cozy warmth. Have your personal infrared heater created and hang it in the bedroom or living room to add some color to the wall.

A modern wall design in the kitchen with a glass or metal infrared heater

In the kitchen, the infrared heater represents an optimal additional heating. You may also know it: Due to the hectic professional life you do not always manage to cook elaborate meals. On some evenings, one enters the kitchen only briefly, in order to push a ready meal into the baking-oven. So it can happen that the kitchen cools down because you do not want to turn up the main heating there for a short time. If you then get to create a delicious menu with fresh ingredients, you freeze unnecessarily, because the heating takes extremely long to bring the cooled kitchen back to a comfortable temperature. Infrared heaters in this case provide a quick, cozy warmth, because their rays work directly, instead of having to heat the entire room air.

In addition to efficient heating, the advanced power heating system also supports a modern wall design in the kitchen. As in the living room, an infrared heater image can be ideally used here. Opt for a photo from your personal album or choose a food-based theme to whet your appetite while cooking.

Depending on the colors of the tiles and the other wall cladding, you can choose a classic infrared wall heater made of glass or metal, which seems to blend with their surroundings or in a bright color attracts everyone’s attention. Metal infrared heaters can be painted with a suitable heating lacquer in the tone of your choice, so that they harmonize with your wall color or as a colorful highlight jump into the eye. For white wallpapers, you can also mount the modern products without painting to have an inconspicuous heat source on the wall or ceiling.

Regardless of whether the infrared heater as a fine decoration enrich your facility or unnoticed to provide a cozy warmth: Due to its space-saving design, it is the ideal source of heat for the kitchen and the rest of the apartment. Because the flat electric heater has a small depth of only a few centimeters, so you continue to have enough space for your furniture and you can let your ideas run free in the other room design.

Bathroom Image: Copyright: JRstoc; Bedroom Image: Copyright: teeraphan