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Still in the stone age, the man needed a clothing as protection against the hot stone floor. Shoe everyday in many historical sources from China, Egypt and other early civilizations is called a vital necessity. The concept of the first of the world-known and rather similar to a sock shoes the Egyptians have carefully worked out and in this way the shoe sole invented. The quality of the shoe should however the social status of its owner completely series – the aristocracy was wearing open sandals made from high-quality materials, while the poor people could afford only old and already worn out shoes. The slaves were allowed to wear no shoes überhaupf and should work under poor conditions in the Arabian Desert barefoot. A few Jahrhundterte later came the heel shoes in Greece to the world, at the turn of the 20th century, it popularized the comfortable sneakers and sneakers.

Shoe manufacturer – the best among the best

manolo blahnik shoe manufacturer

Eight among the 15 TOP shoe manufacturers in the world are Italians – the last statistics for the Italian shoe manufacturer Salvatore Ferregamo overhauled the world-famous Spanish shoe designer Manolo Blahnik. From its competitors, both shoe developers are characterized by their innovative ideas and individual approach to clients.

Ferregamos masterpieces in the area of women’s shoes include the wedge heel and so-called cage heels (cage heel shoes), which enjoyed over the last 100 years an increasing interest and are now in the shoe Cabinet of every woman.

Blahnik never studied shoe design, but acquired his knowledge thanks to his many visits to different shoe factories and hours of conversations with experienced designers.

The shoe manufacturer of the stars has transformed itself into a star

shoe manufacturer fabrizio

Other Italian made a name for himself and may call today the shoe manufacturer of stars – Pasquale Di Fabrizio created the elegant shoes by the ex-President of the United States Ronald Reagan and Michael Jackson dance shoes. In addition he can count all shoes by Sylvester Stallone in the film Rocky as earnings. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert De Niro, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Sharon Stone, are among the famous circle of client of Di Fabrizio etc.! The cheapest shoes here cost about 470 euro, some models impress not only with its unique design, but also with their price – about 3, 500 euro! Once the shoe manufacturer a told journalists with some stars forget simply to pay – Stallone have some amounts openly with him!

The star, who was a shoe manufacturer

Imagine that one of the best Hollywood actor and millionaires on a wooden bench somewhere in Florence sits, sticking together leather pieces and sews until ultimately it a masterpiece in his hands. At the end of the 90’s took a career break to Daniel Day-Lewis and disappeared completely from the public eye for almost five years. A new passion of the English actor – the construction of the shoe is unfolded during this holiday!

Shoe manufacturer – Daniel Day-Lewis was a diligent worker

shoe manufacturer passion starring

The Oscar winner drew inspiration from the unique and incomparable designs of the legendary shoe manufacturer Stefano Bemer. Even after day-Lewis personally met the shoe manufacturer on a shoe rehearsal, he wanted to know everything about the construction of the shoe! Bemers fine work aroused great enthusiasm for the exquisite art of shoe making in the actor. He asked Bemer to reveal to him the secret of shoe making. Some time later the actor moved together with his wife and son to Florence and spent eight months until he learned the fine technique in detail and could dominate this craft yourself there! He was a diligent worker – every morning was Day-Lewis in the shoe factory and made shoes all day by 8:00!

The precursor of the shoes our ancestors served as protection against the hot stone floor

shoe manufacturer oldest shoe construction boots

In ancient Egypt, the Sandals should correspond to the social status of its owner’s

shoe manufacturer ancient Egypt

A real art is to produce elegant and modern shoes shoe manufacturer-

shoe manufacturer fine graduate

Shoe manufacturers deal with love and care to detail

boots shoe manufacturers make

Shoe manufacturer – Salvatore Ferregamo and his passion for shoes

shoe manufacturer Italian salvatore fergamo

footwear manufacturers Italy salvatore

Salvatore Ferregamo made shoes for world famous stars such as Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn

salvatore ferragano sophia loren

salvatore ferragamo shoe manufacturer

You should have shoe manufacturer – innovative ideas and rich imagination

salvatore shoe manufacturer

Thanks to Salvatore Ferregamo, today’s world knows the so-called Cage Heels and the wedge heel

shoe manufacturer cage heel shoe

wedge heel modern boots shoe manufacturer

Shoe manufacturer – Manolo Blahnik and his colorful elegant women’s shoes

shoe manufacturer jerret blahnik

shoe manufacturer balhnikmanolo blahnik shoe scollection blahnik shoe manufacturercollection of sivanand blahnik shoe manufacturer