The New Horoscope Virgo For 2016

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What does the new 2016 for you?

The horoscope of virgins for 2016 in advance says quite a few difficulties. The reason for this, however, is in their own setting. Virgins change their world views and goals in life very difficult. You have great problems to communicate with dissident people. This year, you can make but very difficult serious progress on this way. How many change and become more flexible? This is the most exciting question in the horoscope of this sign of the zodiac.

Horoscope Virgo – more openness, more love!

horoscope Virgin 2016 Zodiac men women partner finding


There is a certain ambiguity in the horoscope of the Virgin. On the one hand, she do all complex tasks and is very effective, as always. On the other hand, the lack of initiative and combat readiness will fall heavily. The stubbornness in dealing with other people is felt in this context as impertinence. It is in the interest of virgins, to be diplomatic and open. If they make only small steps in this direction, you reach the balance in their lives.

Trust your own intuition

horoscope Virgin 2016 Zodiac career openness communication


The talent of virgins, to deal with money, helps them this year again. Saved is used several times this year. According to the horoscope virgins must take some risky if perspective full money operations.

For this they need to set aside resources

horoscope Virgin 2016 Zodiac save invest

You can be in the area of the family. Maybe they invest in building a new apartment.

Or of a new home, who knows

horoscope Virgin 2016 Zodiac House apartment moving

Bless you

The risk from virus infection is high. This applies for the whole year, but the trend is very strong during the cold season. Eyes and ears are particularly susceptible to various diseases during this time of year.

Virgins must not neglect also the smallest symptoms

horoscope Virgin 2016 Zodiac doctor diseases health viruses

Gymnastics, yoga and swimming are particularly recommended

horoscope Virgin 2016 Zodiac gym Yoga sport driving

Virgo men

The men in the Zodiac Virgin are heavier than the ladies take important responsibility. Fortunately many of them are not alone thanks to the good star constellations in the life. Its partners play a particularly important role in this year. They need to motivate them to make important decisions.

Forge together new plans for the future!

horoscope Virgin 2016 signs partner relationship new apartment

Virgo women

Now we come to the peculiarities of the horoscope to the ladies in the zodiac sign Virgo. You have it easier than men.

In personal life threatens but the risk of cheating partner

horoscope Virgin 2016 Zodiac love relationship separation divorce love advice

When that happens, we advise the following: waiting for you from before you make a final decision for legal separation.

Before listening to your heart and go in for a while

horoscope Virgin 2016 Zodiac consider waiting watching

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