The Phases Of The Moon And How They Affect Us

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The phases of the Moon and the female health

There are still people who consider it irrational, that the phases of the Moon and human health is not directly related? Long, the time is over, in which these things sounded somehow exotic. Many people know from experience that there is clearly a link between the two.

The phases of the Moon and the water

You can clearly see that are connected to different phases of the moon with the movement of water in the sea. We are up to 70% as organisms made of water. So, it is not illogical that the phases of the moon also affect us.

We but trying to use it for our benefit. I would say the skeptics at this point: what can you lose because it?

Rising moon over the sea

moon phase moonrise water

Full and new moon

These are the two phases of the Moon, which we and nature get to feel the most. New Moon is when the Moon exactly on the line between the Sun and the moon. In yoga, comparing this moment with the moment of exhalation. At this time you should free the easiest of old and unnecessary things. So, all kind of strict diets and body cleaning procedures are quite right in this moment. It is said that one can also much more easily than otherwise diminish at this time.

Mystical perfection

Moonphase full moon sea

The Crescent Asana

moon phases Moon Yoga Asana

Full moon is the moment in which the Earth is between the Sun and the moon. Inhalation, the flood waters of the ocean and the sea, the wealth would be. It is said about that we can very easily increase at this time. But the good side is that the effect of the substances, which should heal us, now also much larger than usually is.

Our mental skills

The mental skills are probably also very strongly along with the lunar cycles. New Moon brings us to a deep inner contemplation. We’re just worrying about our own feelings and personalities. In this period, we are very sensitive. Also, we are more prone to all sorts of diseases. Our reactions are slow: so be wide awake and drive very carefully!

Moon meditation

moon phases Yoga meditation health

The period of the waning Moon

This phase is favourable for all kinds of activities, which require high efficiency and accuracy. We mean even the tasks in the household. Also you can eat something more. It is increasing less.

Relaxation and detoxification

decreasing moon phases Moon

The phase of the growing Moon

And large, one can say that this represents the phase of the challenges. But it has also found that more children are born at this time.

New beginning

moon phases increasing Moon pyramids

All moon phases at a glance

increasingly decreasing moon phases calendar

Lunar calendar 2015 by calendar

the phases of the Moon lunar calendar 2015

A magical planet

phases of the moon planet astronomical photo #-planet-astronomisches-photo of phases of the Moon

Moon Landscape with views of the Earth

Moon phases lunar landscapes of earth

Massive beauty

Moonphase full Moon River forest night

Asian romance

Moonphase full moon conifers Island Asia

Shining inspiration in the desert

Moonphase full moon desert landscape cacti

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