The Secrets Of Geisha Disclosing – Inspiration From Japan

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secrets of Geisha Japanese culture Asian women

The geishas and their secrets

Who carefully follows the fashion trends for this summer, must have noticed yet that many Japan motifs used in the latest outfits. You can be seen in the cuts and patterns of many women’s models.

Inspiration from Japanese culture

Geisha Japanese culture inspiration fashion trends

So we have decided to take up this issue and to discuss. What are the secrets of Geisha, which makes their image for men but also for women particularly irritating?

The art to be a Geisha

secrets of Geisha Japanese culture inspiration ideas

What ever Geisha?

Have you read the book of Sayo Masuda “Last memoirs of a Geisha”? If Yes, then you already know that according to the author’s just the clothes but not the lives of these ladies were luxurious. Geisha means usually a creative personality. She plays the traditional samisen lute instrument and reads stories. The goal is to take care of the good mood of the men.

What means to be Geisha?

Geisha hairstyle make up clothing Japanese culture inspiration

What should a Geisha look like?

Geisha hairstyle make up Japanese culture inspiration

How elegant is this professional?

Unfortunately, the romantic idea of the Geisha as the author is not the truth! At least this is not been years of the last century in the 30-IES and 40-ies. At that time, the profession has lost its traditional reputation.

Geisha in the past

Geisha Japanese culture inspiration ideas

Japanese culture and tradition

Geisha Japanese culture inspiration trips to Asia

Traditional clothing of a Geisha

Geisha Japanese culture traditional clothing inspiration

Memoirs of a Geisha training lasts 10 years

What must reach the Geisha at the finish, is the result of a long training. It must be a perfect dancer, both technically, as well as regards their charisma and charm. She must be enchanted with their presence, so she must know well the man psychology. She also can read with perfect diction and imaging capability. She can give a perfect food and wine. Ultimately, she must have also an excellent music education to sing, feel the rhythm and play also samisen.

The romantic aspect

Geisha Japanese culture traditional clothing pink kimono

Memoirs of a Geisha for yourself may work after these 10 years. But usually one a year was more out of gratitude for this person which has made the training.

The Geisha training lasts for 10 years

geishas make up makeup Japanese culture inspiration

Traditional Geisha makeup – how is it done

geishas make up traditional Japanese culture

Ethics, business and career

Educated people know these facts about Geisha these days more or less. Why you feel so strongly attracted to for what of these? Nobody wants to have it but so hard in life, or?

Reveal the secrets of Geisha

Geisha outfit Japanese culture inspiration

This picture is probably especially so interesting, because the geishas have perfect communication skills that you can use every day, especially a lady well. You are actually in many ways the ideal for many modern women. You can be charming, successful and very popular. While they do not lose their femininity. You show no weakness, but a great force that can match all among those.

Asian women have a mysterious beauty

geishas make up Japanese culture Asian women beauty

Master the art of seduction

Geisha Japanese culture inspiration secrets of seduction

Most modern designers see as aspiration and ambitions in the women. They express through their clothes. This makes the Geisha motifs in the fashion trends 2015 so popular and in demand.

Current fashion trends with traditional Japanese motifs

Geisha outfit Japanese culture inspiration fashion trends

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