The Sweet Potato – Origin, Nutritional Values, And Retention

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sweet potato collage roots recipes

Eat sweet potato – delicacy or daily good food

Generally, there are no vegetables that are not good. Quite the contrary. They have all their good and bad features. We have found that many people but don’t know how, you can take out the best from some types of “banal”.

Also in this case, you will find that you surprisingly didn’t know much about the sweet potato.

What are the sweet potato plants at all?

sweet potato Orange juicy

They come from South America. It is assumed that it has feeds to 12 000 years ago. But the real heyday for the sweet potatoes in the modern kitchen was in the 16th century. The Spanish transfer after the Philippines and the southern parts of America. The Portuguese brought her in turn to Africa, India and South Asia.

Freshly harvested plants and roots

sweet potato green plant roots

Today grow sweet potatoes the most in South and Central America and Asia.

You fall out of the form of the usual potatoes. They are flat and the pointed. The color varies from white to yellow orange. They are usually larger than the other varieties of potato.

Crisp and juicy orange

potato juicy orange roots

Elongated variety in purple

potato purple roots

The dishes, which you can eat the sweet potato are also more or less like the others.

Health benefits and risks

If the sweet potato plants to a very good source of vitamin A. Still, you should eat these if you want grant to B2, B6, and C. Of them, you could get also known as vitamin B9. These are very low in minerals, as well as the usual potatoes themselves.

You can provide the blood more slowly through the sweet potato with sugar

potato sugar raw sugar

How should you store sweet potatoes

Find such even when purchasing, the Haut is not damaged. You should prepare all which do not meet these criteria, rather immediately. Be forewarned that the sweet potatoes go a lot faster spoiled as the other common varieties. You should adhere particularly strict to the devices. The authority for the storage of potatoes must be dry and dark. The temperature must not be higher than 15 degrees. In this way one can get certainly it up to 10 days in good condition until seven, in some cases. In raw, you should keep the sweet potatoes in a refrigerator. Once prepared, they can be stored but for the whole week in the freezer.

Delicious roots in pink

raw sweet potato roots Rosa

Ideas for the preparation of sweet potato

You could actually use the same recipes when preparing like in the usual potatoes. Here you will find some delicious inspiration.

Potato Casserole with cheese and spices

Potato Casserole cream cheese feta

Potato stew and fried fish fillet

potato stew fish recipe

Lamb with sweet potatoes and Moroccan style couscous

potato stew Moroccan lamb

Fried potatoes with chopped parsley

sweet potato seedlings crumb hacked

Marinated, fried potato cubes

potato fried cinnamon

Baked stuffed sweet potatoes with red cranberries and raisins

potato filled baked cranberries

Airy mashed potatoes of a special kind

sweet potato baked stuffed

Candied sweet potatoes with walnuts and dried fruit

potato candied raisins walnuts

Lasagna with grated sweet potatoes and chopped Sage

sweet potato lasagna Sage

Original baked potatoes with yogurt dip

potato original recipe

Roasted potato slices with Rosemary

potato French Fries Fried Rosemary

Exotic salad with avocado and feta cheese

sweet potato salad Avocado Feta

Schäferpie with minced meat and mashed potatoes

potatoes Schäferpie vegetables meat parsley

Cream soup with toasted baguette slices

sweet potato soup bread

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