These Houseplants Are Shady And Easy To Clean

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houseplant shady flowering indoor plants low light

Houseplant shady and easy to clean

Have you recognized yourself and your specific search in terms of newly listed properties? You have not much light at home, but love flowers! So, the selected plant must be also easy to care for. Yes, that is!

Houseplants need light

shade houseplants houseplants light

There are more than a houseplant that is shaded by nature. Here are our examples. I hope you will like them really.

All species of cacti need little light and water

houseplant shade easy to grow houseplants Cactus

What does it mean exactly that a houseplant is shady?

If a House plant is called shade, it may mean that she can not very well tolerated the light and the heat in most cases. Some get sick by this or not blossom par excellence. However, not every such plant is easy to care for.

The Succulents are also easy to clean

houseplant shady Oloe Vera easy to grow houseplants

Determine the amount of shade for the houseplant

The General term houseplant is relative. Some people need more and more – less Sun. Some like the light shade. You are in places where the Sun only through certain slots. We’re part shadow, if you 2-3 hours per day direct sunlight. There are also the so-called appropriate variant. In these cases, the light is not directly, but as a mirror effect of a smooth surface. You have also the thick shadow. In this case, at all no sunlight gets through. When we say that a houseplant is shady, it can mean any of these situations. So, first, you determine: what situation is in your case the speech?

Room tree – fig tree

houseplant shady mountain Palm room tree


Bergenien, called also winding Wurzen, grow better in the shady place. This houseplant comes originally from the territory of present-day Siberia. It is interesting in this species, that the flowers heavily can change their colors depending on the temperature of the House. You probably just fine thrives, if you have a thick shadow. Call it still easy to care for this houseplant, which is not quite true. The Bergenia needs to grow in well fertilised soil. The effort pays off but by the great purple flowers.

Flowering house plants- Bergenien

houseplant shady Bergenien flowering houseplants easy care


This houseplant loves also the shady location and is easy to clean. She has though not so great flowers as the Bergenia. But it has a pleasant smell and many healing properties. Fertilize and water it regularly.

The beautiful Geranium

houseplant shady geranium flowering houseplants easy care

Also as a garden plant

houseplant shady geranium flowering houseplants easy-care garden plants

Springkräuter (Impatiens)

An appropriate shadow and temperature between 20 and 22 degrees are announced for the Springkräuter. This plant is from May to December of flowers in beautiful colours covered – white, pink, red.

Pink Springkräuter

houseplant shady Springkräuter Impatiens flowering houseplants easy care

Flowering houseplants, which are easy to clean

houseplant shady Springkräuter Impatiens flowering houseplants


It is not very suitable as a houseplant. But in the garden in front of the House, where it’s pretty shady, the hydrangea can thrive wonderfully. Partial shade is in this case. Pink, purple, blue and white are the colors which the hydrangea will be covered. Remember that you need enough moisture to grow well. This plant is not a good neighbor. You will absorb the moisture from the ground and can endanger the others around them.

A beautiful purple hydrangea as a potted plant

houseplant shady hydrangea blue flowering houseplants easy care


This is still a houseplant that grows better in the shade. She has beautiful green leaves, but their flowering time is quite short. This otherwise easy to grow plant is very suitable for terraces.

Flowering Begonia

houseplants shady Begonias flowering houseplants easy-care

Mountain Palm

houseplant shady mountain Palm indoor plants are easy to care for

Fig tree in the bedroom

houseplant shady fig tree room plants easy-care

Room greenplants, which need little light

houseplant shady geranium room plants easy-care


houseplant shady Monstera room plants easy-care

Money tree

houseplant shady succulent money tree easy to grow houseplants


houseplant shady succulent cacti easy to grow houseplants

Robust houseplants

houseplant shady succulent houseplants easy care

Room ferns

houseplant shady room ferns houseplants light

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