Three Delicious Ice Cream Ideas – From Rich And Easily

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In the summer, sweet tooth just can’t get enough of delightfully cool ice cream! But the pleasure has its downsides: fast the calories Bell raises the alarm if a ball landed too much in the squirrel and was garnished with sprinkles and whipped cream. Fortunately you can find light ice variants, which can even be considered healthy. And if ice cream fans have tried a few days by the light versions, they may treat again a slightly richer ice cream creation. We explain three delicious ice ideas for every taste, you can – do quite easily at home with less, with more calories.

ice ideas sorbet grapes fresh mint

Calorie level 1: Fruity sorbet

Sorbet dishes (sometimes drinks) from fruits are referred to as sorbet. Typically, a sorbet consists of fruit purée or fruit juice. Depending on the recipe still whipped egg whites or yoghurt are added, often sugar. Who pays attention to his slim line, simply omit the sugar (fruits bring Yes inherently sweet) or accessing registered alternatives such as honey, Agave syrup or stevia. When a ball is expected to under 100 calories – sorbet (approximately 65 grams) if it consists purely of fruit and water.

ice ideas Strawberry sherbet fresh low calorie mint

Calorie level 2: Sweet fro-yo bites

The FRO-yo sweet bites we found in the online magazine of country of purchase contain more calories. The frozen yoghurt bite consist of Greek yogurt, which is known for its creamy consistency. Classically, the yogurt with tasty honey is stirred and mixed with pureed fruit such as strawberries, raspberries or blueberries. The great thing about the FRO-yo bites: It can be produced very small portions, for example by filling mixture into ice cube tray and then freezes. Guests can enjoy the yoghurt bite like a mini ice cream from the kiosk with a stem. Ice crazy people eat the yogurt ice cream even for breakfast: fill the Joghurtmasse together with fruits, cereals and nuts in muffin tins and cool start to the day. But beware: More ingredients in the yoghurt bite land, the calorie amount becomes greater.

ice ideas ice cream frozen yogurt blackberries blueberries strawberries

Calorie level 3: Delicious vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream must be considered without doubt as candy: it consists of milk and cream, sugar and egg yolk, further allowances – depending on what kind it should be. To get the right consistency, to make the creamy ice cream in an ice cream maker, which assumes constant stirring and cooling down naturally. For vanilla ice cream, the mark of a vanilla bean is added the mass chocolate liquid for chocolate ice cream and chocolate chips. Of course also fruit in the ice – cream suit that made the ice but not automatically healthier. With very unusual creations such as peanut butter, cookie pieces, caramel sauce or sugar sprinkles you can drive the icy calorie balance on the top. Delicious!

ice ideas Darcy Mint of Strawberry vanilla ice cream waffle

ice ideas summer ice cream sorbet recipe watermelon

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