Three Delicious Ice-ideas – From Light To Rich

Just in the summer, Schleckermäuler simply does not get enough of wonderfully cool ice cream! But the enjoyment has its shadows: the calorie bell sounds quick when a bullet has landed too much in the croissant and has been garnish with sprinkles and cream. Fortunately, there are also light ice varieties, which can even be described as healthy. And when ice fans have a few days of the Light versions, they can also enjoy a somewhat more contentful ice-cream. We explain three delicious ice-making ideas for every taste that you can easily reproduce at home – sometimes with less, sometimes with more calories.

Delicious grape ice-cream with fresh mint

Ice-cream sorbet grapes fresh mint

Calorie 1: Fruity sorbet

The term”sorbet”refers to semi-frozen foods (sometimes also drinks) from fruits. As a rule, a sherbet consists of fruit puree or fruit juice. Depending on the recipe, egg yoghurt or yogurt is added, often sugar. If you look down on its slim line, the sugar simply goes away (fruit naturally brings sweetness with it) or accesses calorie-deficient alternatives such as honey, Agavendicksaft or Stevia. With a ball sorbet (around 65 grams) one counted with under 100 calories – insofar as it consists purely of fruit and water.

Mint kisses strawberry

Ice-ideas strawberry mint low-calorie

Caloric 2: Sweet Fro-Yo-Bites

Some more calories contain the sweet Fro-Yo-Bites that we have In the online magazine of Kaufland have found. The Frozen yogurt bites consist of Greek yoghurt, which is known for its creamy consistency. Traditionally, the yoghurt is mixed with delicious honey and mixed with pureed fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries or blueberries. The great thing about Fro-Yo-Bites: Very small portions can be produced, for example by filling the mass in ice cube makers and then freezing.

With a handle, the yogurt bites can be enjoyed like a mini ice cream from the kiosk. Ice creamy people even eat the yoghurt ice cream for breakfast: fill the yogurt mass with fruits, muesli and nuts in muffin molds and start the day cool. But beware: The more ingredients are left in the yogurt bite, the greater the amount of calories.

Fruitpower in the summer refuel

Ice-creams ice creams frozen yoghurt blackberries blueberries strawberries

Calorie 3: Delicious cream ice cream

Cream ice cream is undoubtedly a sweet treat: it consists of milk and cream, sugar and egg yolk as well as other additives, depending on the variety. To get the right consistency, the creamy ice is best prepared In an ice machine Which takes on the constant stirring and cooling down all by itself.

For vanilla ice cream the liquid is added to the mass from a vanilla dish, for chocolate ice-cold couverture and chocolate chips. Of course, fruits fit into the cream ice cream – but they do not automatically make the ice more healthy. With very unusual creations such as peanut butter, biscuit pieces, caramel sauce or sugar sprinkles, the icy calorie balance can be pushed to the top. Delicious!

And which is your favorite for summer?

Ice-ideas ice cream waffle shocko mint strawberry vanilla
Ice-cream ice cream sorbet