Tie Binden-11 Rare And Elegant Examples, You Make Woman Hero

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tie tying red

Tie tie where does this ritual?

Do you know where does the tie which everyone knows today?

After a victory over the Ottomans, a Croatian visits (Austria-Hungary) Regiment in 1660 the French capital Paris. The X IV the soldiers were presented the King Lui heroically. The French King was known for his aesthetic sense.   On the day of the encounter between the regiment and the King, the soldiers wore scarves in bright colors. Probably, these scarves came from the Romans, who thus kept warm their vocal cords. The “ties” have impressed the French King that he has made lightning fast they become a symbol of the Royal honor. Thus was born the regiment of the Royal tie “Regiment Royal Cravattes”

“The well integrated tie is the first serious step in life” – O.Wild

tie bind full-body

It was not long until these fashion reached the British Isles. It was then unthinkable to go as a well dressed gentleman without a tie on the road. In some cases the men had to neckties wear due to the fashion so high, that they could move their heads barely.  There should have been more cases where the rough fabric of the tie had been life-saving for the Sabre attack.

Practical or not, belongs to the outfit of the businessman’s tie

tie binding fashion

Tie fashion knows no limits since that time. It was unlikely many models flies, ties and scarves. Only when binding, there were over 100 node types. The biggest insult for a man was to catch him by the scruff of the neck or on the tie.

In the 60s, the outlines of many traditions were lost years ago, with the height of the sexual revolution. Among those also wearing a tie. The 70s have again launched the tie in.

There are a number of features that were to keep in mind when choosing the right tie

tie bind Pratshelby and Nicky node finished

Why is wear a tie it important to?

Many scientists and fashion historians say the abolish the tie out, because it is the only accessory that has no practical application at all.  The reality is different. The men in leading positions like to wear ties. Beginners follow their idols and the tie is a symbol of success and ambition.

In fashionable, covers not only the buttons of the shirt over the tie, but stressed the male body in the vertical. A similar effect is seen in military uniforms. With a tie, the shirt is no longer so bleak and the male torso is visually centered.

Van Wijk variant was designed for the Prince of Monaco

tie bind VanWijk node finished

In many situations, there is a mandatory dress code, among which also the tie. Although the Krawatte-binding has a long tradition in men’s fashion, there are still many men that morning desperately in the mirror and know not to help.

In this article we offer you some fast and original ways, which will bind a virtuoso in tie.

The Onassis node is exclusive and noble

tie bind Onassis node finished

The half Windsor knots

The half Windsor knots it is symmetric, and can be very elegant and chic look

That is something ordinary and frequently seen node kind half Windsor

tie tie half Windsor node

The Hanoverian node

How can be implemented the Hannover node, you see in the attached video

tie bind Hanover node

The Onassis node

This way to tie, is very rare and atypical and serves to make you the star of the evening because all are just on your tie. First, he was seen on the body of the Greek businessman Aristotle Onassis. The base of the node is the Windsor knot. To recommend in this case is to choose a patterned tie.

By far the most elegant and noblest way to wear a tie

tie bind Onassis node

The Oriental node

An easier and faster way to tie the tie. Very balanced and elegant looks and fits to wear in the Office.

The Persian or Oriental nodes can integrate it easily

tie bind Orental node signpost

The Balthus node

To bind this way is unbalanced, but unique

Break through the frame and try getting some new

tie binding Trinity knots signpost

Trinity knots

This node gives you the complete awareness.

Make sure that the fabric, the pattern, your own size and figure to the length fits the tie

tie bind balthus knot signpost

The diagonal node

For this type of bonding, some patience and experience would be helpful. The node is somewhat cumbersome, but excellently suits formal evening occasions

The diagonal node is very original and medium to the self binding

tie bind diagonal node

The four rings node

This is definitely a unique node. Slightly looser, you should tie the tie to get the effect of the 4 rings. At best, it looks if the tie is plain and silky. This node would absolutely fantastic for a champagne reception at dusk.

I’m sure that wearing a tie is boring!

The Pratt node

The Pratt node is versatile, elegant and medium in size. Suitable for bright fabrics and patterns. A tie that bound you to make never anything wrong.

If you feel unsure, choose the Pratt node

The Plattsbourg node

Wide tapered and narrow opening – with this type of binding would be optimal to choose a woven or knitted tie.

For men with fine sense we recommend the Plattsbourg node

“Real love” node

As beautiful and as complicated as its name the penultimate node called real is love.  Much experience is needed here. The twisted and complex node is divided by four quadrants. Note the effect of the wind wheel! This node is not for little boys. He is only for real seducer!

A node for someone who knows the real life

Van Wijk node

The VanWijk node is very rare and a the longest and largest in the category. With some diligence, it would be possible to bind yourself. Best, he looks well on a striped tie.

A really imaginative and Royal node

tie bind van Wijk node signpost

We hope to have given you the right advice!

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