Tooth Decay Symptoms Early Notice And Correct Handling

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Tooth decay, provide your proper dental care symptoms-

Tooth decay is something that you can now easily heal. However, this phenomenon is extremely unpleasant. And now, quite honestly. With so many advances in the medical and oral care can participate something, so that until rather not happen. There are some people who genetically tend, but even then some can be undertaken to minimize tooth decay problems.

Proper dental care is also in the children of importance

caries symptoms children proper dental care

Good oral hygiene is essential for a beautiful smile

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How does tooth decay?

Before we explain the tooth decay symptoms , let us first discuss how ever can be avoided, that they occur. Let us look at a part of the tooth structure. It has a cover, the enamel of the teeth, which protects the inside of the teeth. They can easily be damaged. There’s a large shell, which consists of phosphorus and minerals. She support the tooth enamel.

The sooner the tooth decay symptoms recognisable, the better

correct dental caries avoid causes

But there’s also the microbes in the mouth. They feed on carbohydrates in our menu. These acids separated, which damage the protective layers of the tooth and slowly destroying its structure. The pH-value is destroyed by the high tardiness. That spoils the protective layer also very strongly.

How is the tooth decay actually?

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Hereby, we have described the first stage in the development of tooth decay. If you go to your dentist at this stage, you can make much quickly amends. The healing only with gels and solutions containing phosphorus, calcium and fluorine is possible at this moment. You feel no pain, and the teeth are not damaged.

The toothache are particularly unpleasant

proper dental care tooth decay symptoms medical treatment

The prophylaxis

If we but at the aforementioned time the tooth decay symptoms overlooked, then the process just evolved. Soon, you can see a visible change to the enamel. Also, a very high sensitivity is typical for the stage. But even with these symptoms of tooth decay, the cure is not particularly dramatic.

The medical consultation is recommended

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Examine your teeth regularly

caries symptoms proper dental care lifestyle

Damage to the tooth substance

The next stages of tooth decay symptoms is associated with damage to the tooth substance. This part of the teeth has a much thinner structure. You will break much easier and faster. Here we have the so-called medium-sized cavities. Symptoms such as pain are typical for this stage.

Most of us are only now on the way to her dentist

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Is also time for a prophylactic examination?

Take care of your beautiful smile

caries symptoms proper dental hygiene nice smile

Avoid unpleasant dental pain

caries symptoms toothache lifestyle

Teach the children the proper dental care

proper dental care, father and son teeth brushing

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