Top 8 Medicinal Herbs And Plants That Can Fight Asthma

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Healing herbs and plants that support our health

Asthma is another illness, for which there is still no known way of recovery.  The diseased persons be treated with complex products and also the disease is examined again and again and still no one knows when and how she can break out again.  How you could protect yourself from such danger and is there any preventive cure for asthma?  We did a little research and found out that there are even natural ways that strengthen our defenses and make the body even more resilient. The following result we have summarized briefly and succinctly for you and just imagine top 8 medicinal herbs, which are applied when asthma attacks patients and show positive results.

Healing herbs and plants in the healing practice douche Lemongrass licorice live herbs

The health qualities of garlic are known for an eternity in medicine and in medical practice. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to solve the tough mucus in the respiratory system. In addition, the garlic is a natural antibiotic that fights viruses and infections, which asthma attacks in the body can cause.

Last but not least, the garlic boosts our immune system.

Garlic fights infections that trigger asthma

herbs live gesunf garlic


Ginger is a different plant that is useful in asthma diseases. The root is also anti-inflammatory and helps with the liberation of the respiratory tract. During an asthma attack, the chest muscles tense and the Airways are narrowed. The ginger counteracts, relaxes and protects.

With ginger are the respiratory tract (viruses) released

gesunf ginko biloba live herbsGinkgo biloba

The extract of this plant prevents the spread of infection and facilitates breathing in asthmatic disease.

Breathing becomes easy again with Ginko

ginko biloba2 live healthy herbs

Lemon grass

The lemon grass is used largely in alternative treatment methods especially against asthma, cough or other respiratory diseases. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and also anti fungi Elle properties that can relieve a potential inflammation and stop infections.

The lemon grass stops infections and prevents inflammations

herbs live douche lemon grasslicorice

The beloved liquorice (organic) can also lead to an improvement in health status. The effect of liquorice is reassuring and liberating for breathing.

Licorice, calms and strengthens

douche Lemongrass liquorice live herbsoregano

This culinary herb leads to incredible results if you set it in the alternative treatment of asthma. In addition to the anti-inflammatory properties, oregano contains substances which all Airways are cleaned of course.

Oregano cleans the mucus in the respiratory system

douche Lemongrass liquorice live herbs

douche Lemongrass oregano2 live herbsRot-Ulme

The red elm is an other widespread plant that can fight asthma. Taking of red elm solves the slimes, which prevent a normal inhalation and exhalation. Thanks to this plant the chest expands what facilitates not only the asthma, but also soothes pesky cough or other lung diseases.

Ulmus Rubra expands the chest and easier breathing

herb ginko live healthy red ulme2

herb ginko live healthy red elmturmeric

Turmeric is known for their health abilities. You has a preventive effect against asthma or allergic reactions of the respiratory tract. Because of their anti-inflammatory effect, she successfully fought the symptoms of asthma.

Against allergies and asthma, the Marvel helps turmeric

douche Lemongrass licorice live herbs

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