Topinambur-small, Fine And Very Healthy

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Topinambur-be curious about new

This weird tuber vegetables carries the Latin name Helianthus tuberosus. In addition, you can find it under the name Earth PEAR, Earth artichoke or earth Apple. Jerusalem artichoke is known as the sweet alternative to the potato. There are also other names, like for example Jerusalem artichoke and Earth sunflower.

Topinambur-universal medicine and tasty snack

Jerusalem artichoke close recording

North America is home to this tuber vegetables. From there, Europe was transferred to the Jerusalem artichoke in the 17th century after. In the first decades, Jerusalem artichoke because of the less-appealing appearance was neglected. Then his good qualities were appreciated but higher and higher, and now he is regarded as a quite noble product that is worth to enjoy!

The vegetable is known as Earth PEAR, Earth Artichoke and Earth sunflower

Jerusalem artichoke close recording individually

To use the root tubers. Its taste reminds of sweet radish. You are almost as crisp as fresh walnuts. If you bake the Jerusalem artichoke or FRY, his taste is reminiscent of the potato.

This root vegetable works well as a supplement to potato dishes

Jerusalem artichoke gratin close recording

Freshly dug from the Earth PEAR does not look different from an early potato

Jerusalem artichoke close recording Earth

Nutrient content

The Jerusalem artichoke has only 33 calories per 100 grams, and no fat at all. Sweet root vegetables to comply no strength, but insulin, Jerusalem artichoke is therefore called “The diabetic’s potato”. He also has a strong influence on metabolism.

The health values of the root are much

opinambur close recording meter studio photo cream sweet potato

In Jerusalem artichoke, there’s a very lot of iron, potassium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, chromium and other minerals.

In the Earth Apple, there are also many more healthy polysaccharides, fats, proteins, vitamins of the B group.

A very effective remedy for heartburn

Jerusalem artichoke close recording knife clean

Health benefits of the consumption of Jerusalem artichoke

The Jerusalem artichoke is appreciated by people with diabetes or high blood sugar levels due to the large content of insulin. He is very good for people who tend to take to have circulation problems. This root vegetable is used within the prophylaxis against oncological diseases and heart problems.

Flame cake or pizza with enough butter, the Earth PEAR tastes and delicious

opinambur close recording meter studio photo cream Tarte

You can promote the consumption of the Earth Apple your immune and nervous system.

Good tubers are stuck with the biting, such as Kohlrabi

Jerusalem artichoke recording three


You can get flatulence in greater Jerusalem artichoke consumption. So start with small amounts. Also, avoid this vegetable if you have gall or liver disorders.

You can prepare quickly and easily delicious cream soups or sauces for the meat

opinambur close recording meter studio photo

Selection and retention

The tubers have a smooth surface without any injuries. Avoid buying if the shell is brownish in colour. Buy any potatoes that you know that you were out there longer. These freeze very quickly.

Before eating, the tubers should be cleaned thoroughly with water

Jerusalem artichoke close recording basket

You need fresh vegetable tubers, which only a few hours before the purchase out of the Earth were taken out.

Jerusalem artichoke close bunch of recording knife

Ideas for use

You can eat the tuber raw or as vegetables Cook, FRY or mash. You can add it also salads. You can prepare also fresh juice of Jerusalem artichoke.

opinambur close recording meter studio photo cream Earth Apple

This product is very suitable for people who place high value on a healthy diet.

Have you have never tried this miracle vegetable? Then it is time that this root vegetables in your kitchen. Make something so delicious and taste’s good

Jerusalem artichoke close recording knife

Jerusalem artichoke close recording small knife

opinambur close recording meter studio photo cream tasty

opinamburnah recording meter studio photo mangold mushrooms

opinambur recording meter studio photo reddish

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